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To sand kitchen floor on a Saturday?

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JustMyNomDePlume · 14/12/2019 08:20

We are currently renting and our kitchen floor is a mess. The varnish has worn away on almost the entire floor which has made it look dirty and tired.
Landlady is happy for us to sand and varnish, but we can only do it at the weekend. We hired a belt sander and did a test patch yesterday before the neighbours were home from work... but it's so noisy! (Unsurprisingly) Hmm
It should only take an hour or so to do, but AIBU to disturb the neighbours on a Saturday? We wouldn't start until 10 and hopefully be finished by 11.

OP posts:

christmassausages · 14/12/2019 08:22

Go and knock their door and let them know what you are doing. Word it as 'we are sanding the kitchen floor, shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. Just wanted to let you know what the noise is.'

Keep them informed.


Trafalger · 14/12/2019 08:23

Start at 11. Some will say that's late but having lived through this when a neighbour did it it is very noisy. Also it will take a lot longer than an hour to sand. You have to work through the different grades of sandpaper. It took our neighbour a week to do a large living room.


gingerbreaddragon · 14/12/2019 08:23

I'd just pop round and let them know you'll be doing it and it won't take long.


superram · 14/12/2019 08:24

Building noise is allowed so they can’t see anything. 10-12 is perfect as won’t affect people having Christmas lunches/dinners.


gamerwidow · 14/12/2019 08:26

DIY on a Saturday is fine as long as it’s not fine early or late.
It’s polite to pop round to the neighbours and give them a bit of warning. You don’t have to but it heads off any resentment if they know the likely what’s going on and how long the noise will last.

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