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Ex wife is becoming a

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Mumtoaprincess25 · 14/12/2019 05:40

Long story cut short. Me and my husband have been together 4 years, he has an ex wife and we have never really got on with one and other. Recently she moved into the road I also live on, she has turnt up several times to my door drunk, texting my husband (he has showed me the messages and it's nothing flirty) yet she always wants to talk to him.

She likes to make a point to anyone who will listen that she is over him but her actions say different.

As of lately it has started causing arguments between me and my husband because I don't like what she is doing but he says just to ignore her but if I am honest I feel like she is trying to come between us.

I would go and see her face to face but she is not one to reason with and it would only turn into a fight and I have kids at home, I am not willing to bring trouble to my door.

What should I do?

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NoIDontWatchLoveIsland · 14/12/2019 06:26

Ignore her. If she's turning up drunk and genuinely harassing you, call the police.

It's her problem if she wants to try and come between you. It sounds like your DH isn't letting her and that's the important thing. Yes it's annoying but she can only come between you if both let her.

Just ignore.

ColaFreezePop · 14/12/2019 06:40

As a PP said do not engage with her. If you have no contact and no communication with her then she can't get the reaction she wants.

DeathStare · 14/12/2019 06:47

Do your DH and his ex have children together?

justilou1 · 14/12/2019 06:51

Call the police. Every single time. Get a restraining order if you need to.

Marleyisme · 14/12/2019 07:04

Tell her you will call the police ofbthe turns up drunk again. And then do it.

He needs to tell her he wants communication about the kids only.

Do they have kids? Where are the kids when she is drunk? In your house while she is banging on the door?

Apolloanddaphne · 14/12/2019 07:18

Ignore her. Be the bigger person and don't let her bother you.

user1493413286 · 14/12/2019 07:25

Is there kids between him and his ex? If not then I’d message her from his phone with his agreement obviously saying that you’ll be calling the police next time she comes to the door drunk.
Id probably still do the same thing if they do have kids to be honest

Scarydinosaurs · 14/12/2019 07:27

What ties do they have between the two of them? Children? Businesses?

If you have no ties I would seriously consider moving out of area. You’ll never escape her otherwise.

Hepsibar · 14/12/2019 07:47

Is she the mother of the children?
If so more complex as will always be some communication and links, if not then she has no need to contact any of you at all and obviously has some mental health and alcohol issues. You may want to raise these with Children's Services and the school.
I suggest not engaging with her: she wants the contact, the drama and will be abusive verbally at the very least.
Does she drink and drive, if so she is driving a weapon and I would suggest reporting this.
If she is not the mum, then restraining order and maybe needed either way.

Either way if it was possible for you to begin the process to move it would make your life easier, you could do it in such a way where your house did not have a for sale sign, so she cant get involved in that and one day you will just be not there.

Tyersal · 14/12/2019 07:48

Call the police, I assume you would if it was any other neighbour, crazy ex just makes it worse

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