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Aibu to think that next day delivery should mean just that

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HanginWithMyGnomies · 13/12/2019 22:32

I ordered some luxury items from a gift card a very lovely friend gave me as an early Christmas present (it’s been a crappy year and she was very generous - it was lovely).

Anyway, I’m not sure I’m allowed to name the place, but is a beauty / fragrance company along the lines of oooh that looks ‘plastic’ (substitute word). I paid for the next day delivery and it should have been here today. I go to my account page and the orders still being processed! How can that be?

The live chats not working, I’ve emailed and got nothing back.. I gave up after waiting 30 odd mins on hold. Surely this is not right? Or am I being impatient?

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VeniVidiVoxi · 13/12/2019 22:43

I think by rights a company has 30 days from point of ordering to despatch goods but obviously if you've paid a premium for next day delivery then you should be refunded the differt between that and standard delivery charge. Check their terms for how they define 'next day' in case it says 'from processing' rather than 'from point of ordering'. I'd be more generous with a small business than a massive company at what is probably a very busy time of year.


HanginWithMyGnomies · 13/12/2019 22:52

@VeniVidiVoxi I didn’t realise that! Thank you :)

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PumpkinP · 13/12/2019 22:54

Funnily enough I had a delivery that was due today between 3-5 and it’s not arrived, still with the courier apparently?!

It’s not being delivered by Hermes is it?


HanginWithMyGnomies · 13/12/2019 22:57

It is @PumpkinP but I’ve not even had the usual text or tracking number! Not to be a stalker, but did you get your ( I want to say oven) sorted?

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WilheldivaHater · 13/12/2019 23:02

When I worked in online sales it was next day for orders placed before 2pm (for example) . Have you Checked you placed your order before the cut off time?


chesterfuckingdraws · 13/12/2019 23:05

What time/day did you order your things?
The site I think you mean have been getting worse for delivery times, in my experience although I'm too tight to pay for NDD so by the time my stuff arrives I've usually forgotten all about it


PumpkinP · 13/12/2019 23:10

No im not sure what to do now, it’s still “with the courier” Hmm I’m not sure what happens now as I’ve been in all day and no attempted delivery.

This is all it says: 13:42 - Fri 13 Dec
Your friendly local courier will try to deliver between 15:00 and 17:00 today

No update since then Confused


HanginWithMyGnomies · 13/12/2019 23:19

Thanks guys.. I checked and I was definitely in the slot for today’s delivery ☹️ I just googled them @chesterfuckingdraws.. this does not look hopeful for my beauty stocking full of promises of younger looking skin!!!

@PumpkinP have you been blacklisted as a no delivery zone?? I can’t believe Argos are still twatting about. Hermes usually try the next day or leave it in your hedge!

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PumpkinP · 14/12/2019 15:14

Did you end up getting it op? Mine came today


Greyhound22 · 14/12/2019 16:03

It doesn't work on a weekend - caught me out last time. If you order on a Friday you won't get it until the Monday anyway.


HanginWithMyGnomies · 14/12/2019 16:40

@PumpkinP at least you know you’re not on a blacklist now 😂

@Greyhound22 and @pumpkinp nope.. but I did get a helpful email saying the stocking full of goodies wasn’t despatched yet, Sorry!! But the other two items would be with me on the 17th or 18th. No apologies and no next day delivery refund. Never using that site again.

Just hope my stocking gets here in time. Who wants a New Years stocking!

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HanginWithMyGnomies · 14/12/2019 16:44

You guys must be good luck! It’s been dispatched woooooo hooooo 😂

Aibu to think that next day delivery should mean just that
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