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Friends/my weight

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twogeniesinabottle · 12/12/2019 21:55

So long story short my friend has lost a decent amount of weight in the past year (not that she needed to) she is now a size 6!!!
I however have put on a HUGE amount of weight. Recently lost 10lbs then put on 3 due to cooker packing in, kids being unwell/convenience
She knows how I feel about myself and my weight gain (I very rarely bring it up) to which she thinks I am "totally lying because I was x size last year" I told her to feel free to come shopping with me as I am at least 2/3 sizes bigger. She has told me my scales are broken because she isn't as light as it is saying and I couldn't possibly be as heavy as it's saying (logical)
Anyway...she is constantly talking about her body, how fat she is, how her boobs have shrunk, how she thinks she needs lypo on her legs.
She has recently came out and told me she may have an eating disorder. I have tried helping, listening, advising where to get help etc. She thinks me advising her to get help means I think she is mentally unstable. I explained everything as nicely as I could to her and told her to take her time etc etc. I'm trying to be as empathetic as I can even though I feel shit about myself.
She has now posted two pictures of her new nice body on social media then messaged me straight after for me to confirm how "bad" she looks.
I had enough and told her that her going on about her body, her weight loss etc (she knows she's lost a huge amount one minute then next calls herself fat) is making me feel so low about myself.
I feel so horrible because if she is struggling with an eating disorder then obviously I'm not helping but she's talking to someone who literally feels so rubbish I cry when I see skinny people.
Sometimes I feel she's rubbing it in my face or enjoys me slaying myself to make her feel better. Fishing for compliments even attention seeking at some points.
I'm in two minds of. I need to help her realise she looks fine the way she is and try get her help or I need to ignore these comments to save myself from some horrendous upset and distress.

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bridgetreilly · 12/12/2019 21:58

I think you need to step away. Neither of you appears to be helping the other on this issue, so it would be better just to agree not to discuss it. If she can't let it go and talk about other things with you, then you may need to just take a break from the friendship.

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