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to not want to phone my brother

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2shoes · 23/08/2007 17:28

he drives me up the wall.
he is in his late 40's a wife and no kids(subject never discussed)
He puts ds down at every opurtunity and there is only one way.........his way.
he moans cos we don't visit. he lives over 3 hours away. I am the only driver. we went once and rented a holiday let. cost a fortune. can't afford to do it again. he says he can put us up but we will have to rough it. why can't he understand that dd has cp. we would have to carry her up satirs(she is 12) she would not settle and either cry or play all night long. bet that would go down well in his perfect child unfriendly world. sorry for the rant.

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curiouscat · 23/08/2007 18:31

Hi 2 shoes imo YANBU. He sounds a total nightmare and I wouldn't visit him if I could help it. Best wishes.


PersonalClown · 23/08/2007 18:36

Your Ds rocks and you can tell him that I said so!
Ignore him. I find that only my true friends and family that accept my ds make the effort.
You've got more important things to worry about than how he feels about it.


2shoes · 23/08/2007 21:15

thanks pc and curious cat. I think he has to put me down to make himself feel better. I just hate it when he has digs at ds. he can't knock dd and wouldn't dare knock dh(who would then knock him.........out lol)
still for some mad reason I love him.

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