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Grazing - TMI!

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Heartburn888 · 11/12/2019 13:36

not really sure which category to post this so thought I’d go for aibu for traffic.

So I have given birth on the 5th and I consider myself extremely lucky to of got away with 2 labial grazes after delivering an 8lb 14 baby! (Think someone was looking down on me at the time haha)

Anyway, had the usual stinging and blood loss bla bla bla which is to be expected but I have a few questions ....

I went and bought some tea tree and witch hazel cream from home bargains yesterday just to help with the healing as the stinging was pretty bad when I went to the loo. The bleeding had died down quite a bit and the wound wasn’t producing red blood anymore and was looking like the end of a period iyswim. Since I have been using the cream (yesterday and today) the blood has increased - not massively but enough for me to notice- and the blood has been bright red and a bit mucus like. The stinging is still present but not as intense.

Should I carry on using the cream or let myself heal naturally as for me the bottom line is I want to be healed as soon as possible and I don’t want to be irritating the grazes with the cream.

Sorry for the mega long post and sorry to anyone having their lunch!


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Am I being unreasonable?


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TheReef · 11/12/2019 13:43

I used savlon on mine and it was like a miracle cream.


Heartburn888 · 11/12/2019 13:51

Not sure why a vote has been posted

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BloodyCats · 11/12/2019 13:52

I’d be tempted to leave it be and let it heal by itself. Skin down there should heal v quickly compared to your arm skin say.

Have you got any sudocrem?


Sexnotgender · 11/12/2019 13:54

I’d leave it alone!

And congratulationsFlowers


needsomehelptoday · 11/12/2019 13:56

I had an episiotomy and a 1st degree tear. I bathed in plain water with a couple of drops of lavender oil in it. I wouldn't put cream or anything else on it unless told to by a hcp.

If it stings when you wee use a water bottles to squirt water on it.


needsomehelptoday · 11/12/2019 13:58

Also I bled for 6 weeks after giving birth which is normal.
If you breastfeed or do too much exercise it can increase.


TokyoSushi · 11/12/2019 14:00

I'd put a bit of tea tree or similar in the bath, but I wouldn't put anything directly on the graze. Hope it heals soon!


Heartburn888 · 11/12/2019 14:07

I’ll stop putting it on the graze

I feel like when it’s coated it protects the sore bits from the wee lol.

Yes got sudocream is this ok to put on?

Yeah makes sense that it bleeds more when exercising as I have been increasing what I’ve been doing as I am barely injured down there I.e did the food shop yesterday And the loss had increased.

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Heartburn888 · 11/12/2019 14:07

I have been using a few drops of tea tree in the bath too!

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LeekMunchingSheepShagger · 11/12/2019 14:09

Congratulations op Flowers

Had the graze been checked since the day you gave birth? Might be worth getting it looked at.


Waggily · 11/12/2019 14:15

Most of the blood is coming from where the placenta was attached to your womb, not the grazes. And it does tend to react to exercise/doing too much.

I found that my grazes healed after 2 weeks, suddenly just stopped hurting like magic! But squirting/pouring water on the area when I went to the loo helped a lot.


HubeusRagrid · 11/12/2019 14:25

If you only gave birth on the 5th the bleeding may have increased as you're trying to do too much, too soon if you've done a food shop.

I used the Bottoms Up spray by Natural Birthing Company from Boots for my stitches after episiotomy.

If it's sore when you wee use a spray bottle with warm water as you wee Smile helps takes some sting away. I did this and would then dab dry and spray with the bottoms up stuff a few times a day. Would also spray after showering.

Good luck with your recovery and congratulations on your baby! Smile


feelingverylazytoday · 11/12/2019 14:28

I had grazes after my second birth. I didn't put anything on it, and it healed up really well.
The secret to healing is to keep the wound as clean and dry as possible, so dry as much as you can after your bath/shower and every time you wash.


gamerchick · 11/12/2019 14:28

The increased bleeding is a clear message from your body that you're doing too much. Seriously, have a sit down!


Savingshoes · 11/12/2019 14:33

I would message your midwife and ask her the question. You're under her care for about a fortnight after birth for a reason.


BreatheAndFocus · 11/12/2019 14:34

Don’t put anything on the graze. I washed in tepid water with salt in, then used a hairdryer on very low heat and power to ‘dry off’ for the first few days (my midwife advised this).

I second the advice not to do too much. The early bleeding can be quite variable and you don’t want to trigger a gush. Things are healing inside and that takes time. Take it easy and slowly and look after yourself. Let your body heal.


LemonBreeland · 11/12/2019 14:37

I agree with not putting anything on the graze. You could try pouring a jug of water over the area while you pee and that will help lessen the stinging on the graze.


Mamimalen · 11/12/2019 14:56

Congratulations on the baby!
I gave birth 3 weeks ago (9.1oz)Shock, tear and stitches along the labia and stitches on the urethra.
Best thing for me was a quick soak in the bath daily with tea tree and drinking as much fluids as possible to dilute the urine. That helped a lot with the burning when by going for a wee.


Fucck · 11/12/2019 15:09

Congratulations on your baby! 👶

I had just grazes with my first and increased blood loss when I went for a too-strenuous walk with the pram. Midwife said it was the walking & nothing to do with injuries.


Heartburn888 · 11/12/2019 17:16

I’m going to give the hairdryer a go as well

Thank you for your congratulations ♥️ Just Currently expressing so when daddy comes home he can feed little pudding whilst mummy goes for a long soak in the bath and sorts her bits out 😂

OP posts:

Ineedcoffee2345 · 11/12/2019 17:55

I was like this with my first birth. No need for a stitch and by god the healing time took what felt like ages. I got witch Hazel liquid and put some into my bath every night and it did wonders.
2nd birth same thing but the lovely midwife gave me one stitch and the healing was 10 times faster

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