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Advice needed!

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MaMaMaMySharona · 10/12/2019 20:27

Sorry in advance if this is quite long but I really need some advice on what to do!

I recently booked an apartment in London for myself and 4 friends to attend a wedding via a booking agent. When we turned up, the owner wouldn’t answer the phone so we couldn’t get in. The booking agent said they’d relocate us. After 3 hours of being on hold to them while they tried to book us into apartments over 2 hours drive away, they eventually put us into a hotel nearby.

The new hotel did not have free parking outside as the original booking did. When I spoke to the agent on the phone I highlighted this and they agreed to cover any parking costs incurred if we provided receipts.

Flash forward to today, they’ve refunded me the extra amount I had to spend on the new hotel, but are refusing to pay the £35 parking fee. All I have from them is an email which states “if you have to pay any extra costs for facilities that were free in your original booking we will cover the difference.”

Their argument is that because free parking was not listed in the original booking, we can’t now be refunded for it.

I am absolutely astounded that they are going against their word and using a loophole to get out of paying me back the £35. At this time of year I really can’t afford extra expenses, and on principle I don’t think I should be paying this.

Besides the point, but still annoying, because of how long they took to resolve we actually missed the ceremony of the wedding and were sitting outside waiting for new accommodation for over 2 hours in an area of London we didn’t know at all.

I’m really annoyed but they’re refusing to help me - the man on the phone actually hung up on me today after refusing to let me speak to a manager. What shall I do?

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BHouse19 · 10/12/2019 20:30

Just chalk it down to a bad experience and get on with your life


Aquamarine1029 · 10/12/2019 20:32

I would pay the parking fee and let it go. It was a shit experience, but nobody died, the world didn't end, no real damage done. Pay it and move on.


nervousfirsttimer1985 · 10/12/2019 20:35

I would put a complaint in writing, especially as you requested to speak to a manager and they hung up on you. How was the free parking not listed in the booking as how did you know about it if it was not?


CountYourRoosters · 10/12/2019 20:38

They had you on hold for 3 hours, then say waiting for 2 hours, and you missed the wedding ceremony which was the main point of your visit? I can completely see why you're fuming, and I think the very least they could do is cover the costs you incurred, if not something additional to make up for all the inconvenience (ie something like a voucher for next time). It's about the principle, and I wouldn't let it go. Email them again with what you've said here and say it's simply not acceptable and you are tempted to never use their company again


MaMaMaMySharona · 10/12/2019 20:42

I knew about the free parking because I looked online at the area and saw it was free on street parking at weekends. I wouldn’t have driven otherwise, it was the only reason I had my car with me (thought of public transport back to the north west on a Sunday after a wedding was not appealing!)

Thanks for advice so far, I will write them a letter. I’m certainly not letting it go! I think it’s ridiculous that I should be out of pocket for something which was their error.

OP posts:

nervousfirsttimer1985 · 10/12/2019 22:19

Ah ok. I would write and complain but also ask them to listen to the original call if they can when the agent agreed to it. There is nothing worse than when plans go wrong. You missed part of the wedding so the least they can do is pay the cost of your parking. Nothing I hate more than shoddy service. I hope you get reimbursed.

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