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To walk out of hospital?

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TotallyDoneWithThis · 10/12/2019 18:51

I’m in hospital, tonight is my second night. I need a blood transfusion and have been waiting since yesterday for one. I’m also in a lot of pain and know i would be more comfortable at home. At 12 today I was told one would be with me within an hour. Still nothing. I really can’t afford any more time off work. I understand the staff are absolute angels and are overworked to the absolute core. There has already been two patients who have discharged themselves. I really need the transfusion but to leave if nothing has happened by lunch time tomorrow?

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Darkstar4855 · 10/12/2019 18:59

YANBU to leave. It’s not a prison.

Why has the transfusion been delayed?

TabbyMumz · 10/12/2019 19:01

So how do you propose to get the transfusion if you leave?

Pippa12 · 10/12/2019 19:02

Why haven’t they given the transfusion? Do you need a special blood type?

Berrylove · 10/12/2019 19:02

I understand you wanting to leave, but if you need the transfusion you might as well just wait as you’ve already been there a while. Wouldn’t you just have to go through the same thing when you decide to return and try again? Leaving would just mean a waste of both your time and theirs.

EKGEMS · 10/12/2019 19:03

Do you think it's related to issues with sourcing your blood type? Sometimes a person has antibodies that make locating compatible donations a challenge vs a patient without them

SnuggyBuggy · 10/12/2019 19:03

I don't blame you, do they have any idea when something might happen?

Panpastels · 10/12/2019 19:05

It doesn't sound like you are well enough to work. I think you should stay and wait for the transfusion, but have they given a reason for the delay?

EscapeTheCastle · 10/12/2019 19:31

Stick around and wait. Chase it up though, ask if its been ordered. Are you comfortable and on a ward?
Wishing you the best. I had to have one earlier this year. I think I waited about 12 hours and had it through the night.

mrsbyers · 10/12/2019 19:34

Start hassling them , I’ve learnt from bitter experience it’s sometimes essential or ask for an overnight pass out and go back in the morning

IfWishesWereFishes · 10/12/2019 19:53

If you need medical treatment how is leaving the hospital going to help Confused

AuntieMaggie · 10/12/2019 20:13

When I needed one a few years ago there was a delay because they needed to make sure there was enough staff in case I had a reaction - maybe that's what's holding it uo

Biggobyboo · 10/12/2019 20:23

How can you go to work if you are unwell enough to be admitted to hospital needing a blood transfusion?

HotWaterBottleAndABottleOfWine · 10/12/2019 20:27

! A relative of mine waited 2 weeks - yes 2 weeks, for an apparantly very important scan. After so long they realised she was still alive, it couldn't be that critical so they discharged her without it! She wishes she'd discharged herself on day 1, rather than waiting 2 weeks for an apparantly critical scan ...

I discharged myself after giving birth to baby number 2 and waiting 24 hours for paperwork to be done. I couldn't wait any longer.

NHS hemorrhages money.

And still people are voting conservative? CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Georgiemcgeorgeface · 10/12/2019 20:33

Depends how badly you need the transfusion I guess. Could you have it as an outpatient?

SheOfManyNames · 10/12/2019 20:41

Sometimes it takes a while- one of my relatives has weird antibodies and it takes ages. But they should be telling you if that is the case, or letting you know where the delay is.
My relative has theirs in a day unit as an outpatient- could that be an option?

LagunaBubbles · 10/12/2019 20:44

But how will you get the treatment you need if you leave? Confused

TotallyDoneWithThis · 11/12/2019 18:28

Thank you for your replies. I waited it out and for my transfusion. Now waiting for blood results to come back to see if I can go home.

The real problem is is that there are so few staff that are so overworked and busy that patients have to wait for hours, thus taking a bed up that they couldve vacated much earlier. I don’t know how the medical staff do it to be honest. True superheroes.

OP posts:
MrsMaiselsMuff · 11/12/2019 18:36

Please vote for change tomorrow Totally! We can't carry on like this, it's not fair on patients and it's not fair on staff.

If you feel well enough to go then do it. Some people can't comprehend that many of us can't afford to take sick leave.

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