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4yo hitting,biting and pulling hair,HELP

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superhansg · 10/12/2019 18:15

Hello! Posted here for traffic but if needed to move no problem.

Basically I'm at my wits end,I have never laid a finger on my son and never would yet at the moment sometimes at really random times when he's not angry he will start absolutely lashing out and he's now started a habit of weeing wherever he fancy's in the house on purpose...Iv tried the calm approach of finding out if something's wrong and giving extra attention and stuff in case it was an attention thing we go out regularly and have lots of family over so it doesn't seem to be a boredom thing either..

To set the scene of today's kick off
I'd asked him to eat his tea something he liked he started eating no issue and halfway through said he needed to loo so he goes up stairs and I can hear him weeing at the top I tell him off and explain again that's it's not acceptable behaviour and he will have to go to the quiet corner to think about why he shouldn't do that,he then proceeded to bite,kick,scratched,pull my hair and tell me he hates me...I just have no idea where he's got this type of aggression from or why it's happening..any advice would be really really appreciated cause I'm currently covered in marks and have no idea how to sort this more than Iv tried

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Confusedbeetle · 10/12/2019 18:20

This is common stuff in a four year old. He is old enough to know and have boundaries but a lot is down to guaging the signs and preventing things quick. Tellings off dont work nor does extensive reasoning. A four year old cannot consider the naughty thing hes done. The consequence should be immediate and short. The weeing is for attention much like a toddler tantrum so least reaction the better. I might even be inclined to ignore it for few minutes and leave him to be uncomfortabel in wet pants, or send him to change himself

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