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AIBU to feel worried? Doctor sounded panicked.

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Bloodless · 10/12/2019 16:14

At least I think she did.

Maybe some of you remember me posting about really low iron levels before (3.1) - 6 months later and I’m not much better.

Spoke to Dr on the phone there and she actually thought I hadn’t been taking my iron because my bloods still aren’t right (I’m on a double dose of iron last 6 months). Had colonoscopy & stool tests. All came back clear. Don’t have celiacs disease. Don’t have heavy periods. No reasonable explanation for it.

Dr then sounded a bit panicked and has ordered more tests - is this something to concerned about? Can some people just have crappy blood? Or could it be something more sinister?

OP posts:

muddledmidget · 10/12/2019 16:21

She's doing her job, if your tests are still showing anaemia it's her job to find out why and extra tests are reasonable, I wouldn't panic yet.

Some people don't absorb iron tablets very well, particularly if you drink a lot of tea and coffee as the tannins stop the absorption, whilst taking with some vitamin c like a glass of fresh orange helps the absorption. It might be worth her trying a different salt, eg fumarate or gluconate if you were on sulphate, when you say a double dose, do you mean 2 tablets three times a day?


WhoWants2Know · 10/12/2019 18:12

Sometimes people are anemic because their bodies don't absorb it well, but it can also indicate that you're losing blood somewhere or that your kidneys aren't doing everything they should. Ordering more tests is the best way to find out, and isn't a cause for panic.


FrankRattlesnake · 10/12/2019 18:38

What iron level is low? Are you aneamic or are your serum ferritin (iron stores) levels low?

My serum ferritin was at 4 recently - probably as low as it could be! I had two iron infusions and it’s shot up! Now I’ve got to keep it up!

It may be worth asking about an infusion?

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