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To think that £130 every three months for HRT isn't viable?

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Knittingsavesme · 10/12/2019 14:42

Posting here for traffic.

I was prescribed Androferme 1 female testosterone HRT on private prescription yesterday. (Prescribed by NHS consultant gynaecologist, but not available in the UK. She did say I might have trouble getting hold of it.

Turns out you used to be able to order it on the internet and import it, from the Australian pharmaceutical company that makes it, at a cost of £130 every 3 months! It's no longer possible to this and the cost would have been prohibitive anyway. AIBU to think that women's health just isn't taken seriously enough? Also, what was the point of me taking up NHS time to be given a prescription that can't be dispensed?

The British Menopause Society says, on its website, that testosterone therapy is successful. What a shame we can't access it!

Has anyone been prescribed alternative female testosterone HRT in the U.K.? If so, has it made a difference and what do you take?

OP posts:
Whitegrenache · 10/12/2019 14:49

Yes I am on testogel sachets made by besins healthcare

Having no effect yet but it's early days - one sachet should last 10 days.

I'm a medical rep and androfemme is not available in the UK as far as I know

Where are you in the country?

Whitegrenache · 10/12/2019 14:50

I got it via a doctor as samples from the rep - not on prescription (special perk of working in women's health and knowing the experts) Blush
Women's health care in the UK is disgusting and is post code lottery too.

Xiaoxiong · 10/12/2019 15:21

I have had literal years of carting some kind of special gel back and forth from the continent for my mum whenever I go on a business trip. Every time I do it I wonder why the fuck a medication that literally is life altering for my mum and aunties isn't available here. It's prescribed here, it's legal here, it's just impossible to find for some mysterious reason.

ActualHornist · 10/12/2019 15:26

I agree it’s a disgrace the way women’s health is treated in this country. Especially when it’s to do with menopause.

I remember reading (some time ago now so apols if I’m misremembering) that there is one specialist menopause clinic in the country. To help something that 50% of the population will go through unless they die first.


Purpleartichoke · 10/12/2019 15:37

For some perspective, as an American lucky and privileged enough to have one of the best health insurance plans available, I would love to get the medication my daughter needs daily to be able to breath for only £130 for 3 months.

Ibleedibreedibreaatfeed · 10/12/2019 16:06

At purple artichoke, im sorry to hear you daughter is reliant on it to breathe, but how does that work? Yes if men had this issue it would be all over the country with big posters like viagra. But this isnt as important as it only affects a woman pftts

Knittingsavesme · 10/12/2019 16:46

Whitegrenache I'm in North Cheshire.

OP posts:
yunalis · 10/12/2019 16:52

Not really relevant purple and your daughter wouldn’t have to pay for NHS prescriptions here anyway.

dontalltalkatonce · 10/12/2019 16:59

It's sad but not surprising. Personally I think we are all going to be expected to pay more for scripts and healthcare in the future and need to try to get our heads round it. I buy a medication online that's about the same amount/month that I need to sleep and consider it money well spent. Nothing to do with men's health, but just in general I think this is the way it's going to go from now on Sad.

dontalltalkatonce · 10/12/2019 17:02

Not really relevant purple and your daughter wouldn’t have to pay for NHS prescriptions here anyway.

Plenty of people have to if the NHS doesn't cover what they need, including for children Sad

Santasy · 10/12/2019 17:08

Purples comparison is relevant because they are pointing out the privilege of not having to pay for medications (on top of insurance) which you are currently in the lucky minority worldwide.

spagbog5 · 10/12/2019 17:11

I am on androfemme one .
I've been on it a year and it is life changing for me so I happily pay it .
My gynaecologist offered to put me on testogel as it's much cheaper but I chose androfemme as it's the only testosterone gel licenced for women.
I was told to use 0.5ml every day but I've found it's too much for me so two tubes have lasted me over a year so far.
I agree it's unfair to have to pay but I'm assuming you paid privately for the consultation too which others aren't able to do so in my mind it's all part of the private medical costs etc that we are lucky to be able to access.
It's not licensed here in the uk so obviously unavailable on the nhs.

Knittingsavesme · 10/12/2019 17:29

@Spagbog5 my referral was on the NHS. Where do you get the Androfeme 1 from? I haven't been able to find it anywhere. Was advised to get it from Lawley Pharma in Australia, but they haven't replied to my email. I've seen elsewhere that it's no longer possible to buy it here as it is no longer licensed in the UK. Hopefully, from what you say, that is incorrect

OP posts:
yunalis · 10/12/2019 17:40

dont that’s why I specified NHS prescriptions, not private ones.

santasy it’s free at the point of use, not free full stop.

The whole point is the inequality for treatment of issues that primarily affect women, not how lucky we are to have the NHS.

Whitegrenache · 10/12/2019 17:53
Whitegrenache · 10/12/2019 17:54

Testogel not licensed for women in UK that's why it's difficult to get hold of

Knittingsavesme · 10/12/2019 18:18

@Whitegrenache I found the gynaecologist I saw yesterday via the site you linked. I got my GP to refer me to her. She told me to buy Androfeme 1 from Australia. Told me I might have trouble getting it (was disappointed as she was very abrupt and not what I expected after finding her on the British Menopause Society site). Waste of NHS time and money it seems.

So frustrating, as I think the testosterone therapy would be life changing. Would love to hear if anyone has found a way to get it.

OP posts:
Whitegrenache · 10/12/2019 18:19

Ah that's a shame - perhaps try another one? They are mostly lovely xx

Will ask about to see where you can get androfemme - I have a meeting tomorrow with couple of experts so can ask them

spagbog5 · 10/12/2019 18:20

I get it from work now as I work in a pharmacy . My boss gets it for me as a special from one of our suppliers as I get a private prescription from my gynaecologist.
I'm assuming you have a private prescription from an nhs specialist then ?
There is a pharmacy in Marylebone high street in london that my specialist recommends that I think do mail order if you have a Prescription.
I can't remember the name but will post back tomorrow when I've checked if that helps ?

Knittingsavesme · 10/12/2019 18:24

Yes I have a private prescription from an NHS specialist. Thank you both - any information you van give me would be great. The gynaecologist I saw was the only one listed for the North West.

OP posts:
Knittingsavesme · 10/12/2019 18:26

The only one listed on the BMS website as a Menopause specialist.

OP posts:
user838383 · 10/12/2019 18:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spagbog5 · 10/12/2019 18:31

@Knittingsavesme ,I will ask my boss if we can help too and ring our supplier to check their stock status.
It's helped me no end along with the normal hrt I have been on for nearly 4 years .
I really hope we can help you source it .

lifeisgoodagain · 10/12/2019 18:31

I went to my gp and was offered several hrt options on the nhs - all peer reviewed and evidence based. The nhs has limited money, why would they spend more if these other options work

spagbog5 · 10/12/2019 18:32

I forgot to say I think the chemist I mentioned has an import license for it so is able to get it without restrictions.

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