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How to do rooms in our house for DC

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Butterflyflower1234 · 10/12/2019 14:05

We're considering some decorating early next year and hoping to TTC early next year. DP has three DC who he has fortnightly and they generally only stay over one night as the other night he stays with his parents (it's closer to the kids activities).

We have a four bedroom house so currently the two boys are in one room and daughter in another. DSD is the eldest and has her own room and the boys share with twin beds. We have our own room and the fourth room is currently a study as I work from home sometimes.

I wanted to do the decorating ahead of baby being announced so the DSC don't automatically think we're changing things due to the baby.

Initially we were thinking of putting new baby in the study and keeping the DSC in the same rooms (albeit we'll decorate them so they are updated). We thought this would work as DSD is 13 so buy the time the baby needs a bigger room our DSD might not be staying over as often due to being 16-18 and spending time with her friends etc.

Does this all sound fair? I wanted to give DSD the opportunity of switching bedrooms if she'd like (to go into the smaller room) as the view is nicer (although I doubt she'd be bothered lol) but again I don't want to think she's being moved into a smaller room.

Any thoughts on this? Also does it sound better to do this all before a baby arrives rather than lots of changes after the announcement.

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Minionbums · 10/12/2019 14:08

You’re being very thoughtful.

Personally I’d have a chat with her and ask if she would move to the smaller room, involve her in the conversation. And sweeten it with allowing her to pick how she wants it (within reason).


Butterflyflower1234 · 10/12/2019 15:46

Thanks that's a good idea. That will help them feel empowered in the decision too.

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Drum2018 · 10/12/2019 15:52

I'd also suggest she takes the smaller room as when baby is small you can have a bed in the bigger room, along with a cot, if you need to spend time there if baby doesn't settle.


Purpleartichoke · 10/12/2019 16:17

Redecorating ahead of a baby is a great way to handle this. It’s not unreasonable for her to take the smaller room, but tact is important. I’d offer a generous, but reasonable, decorating budget in exchange for a switch. Her old room can become your office/a guest room for now.

Once you have a baby who is old enough to move out of your room, you will lose your office. How important is that for you. In my life, having a separate office I can close the door is critical because I exclusively telecommute. So if I wanted to add a child to the mix, I’d be looking to move or add an extension.


newdeer · 10/12/2019 16:52

Yes, I think htis sounds fair and you sound lovely. I'd do their rooms first. Don;t mention the baby. (And do get the decor done before TTC as oil paint fumes and pregnancy sickness really don't mix.)

You could set up a Pinterest page for each of them and get them to share images they like. I did that with my DC and then we managed to choose some of the things from their wishlist and incorporate them into the design. It made them feel very grown up.


Butterflyflower1234 · 11/12/2019 15:10

Such lovely ideas thanks so much :-)

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