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To ask for your help with DS Christmas present?

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isthewinefinished · 08/12/2019 22:47

Blatantly posting for traffic. DS has requested "something you put on your fingers and when you drum on different surfaces the noise changes" from Santa.
I'm clearly not googling the right words as I can't find anything. Am wondering if he's just made it up?

OP posts:
Thehop · 08/12/2019 22:51

Where has he seen it? TV? Youtube?

isthewinefinished · 08/12/2019 23:01

Most likely YouTube if anywhere I guess as he doesn't watch much "live" tv. He can't remember where he saw it but is adamant it exists.

OP posts:
CameraTime · 08/12/2019 23:03

What age is he? Is he likely to have misunderstood it? Like, if you put a thimble on your finger and hit different surfaces it'll sound different, but that's probably not what he's after. So could it have been something like that, or was it definitely an advert for some kind of musical instrument?

Bubblysqueak · 08/12/2019 23:03

I have a vague recollection of drumming gloves, I'll try and fine them.

YouFellAsleeep · 08/12/2019 23:05

There was something on This Morning a few days ago called “Sphero” and you put something on your finger and the noise changes when you tap different colours. I don’t know much else about it though.

Bubblysqueak · 08/12/2019 23:07

Sphero 2 Ring Specdrums: Turn Color into Music, Included Play Pad, STEAM Activities, Create Sounds, Loops, Beats for Musicians of Any Skill Level, MIDI Support, Connects to GarageBand and Ableton

Sorry not gloves (think the picture stuck in my head)

RubixCubix · 08/12/2019 23:08

Is it Specdrums?

Bubblysqueak · 08/12/2019 23:08

Cross post with YouFellAsleep great minds think alike!

FenellaMaxwell · 08/12/2019 23:09

Oops - XP from me too!

isitxmasyet · 08/12/2019 23:12

They look amazing but they aren’t exactly cheap are they?

Shouldbedoing · 08/12/2019 23:14

Only £65 from Selfridges- the other 2 links are £99

lau888 · 08/12/2019 23:17

Not sure about the drumming part... But, I'd guess either musical gloves or some type of "character" gloves with sound effects.

Piano Gloves?

Hulk sound-effect fists?

Andysbestadventure · 08/12/2019 23:26

It'll be specdrums. Absolutely would not trust a kid with something so small and expensive.

isthewinefinished · 08/12/2019 23:45

Oft think you amazing lot have found them. I was thinking they'd be under £20 max. Definitely not in the budget and look like they'd be destroyed by a just 9 year old.
Time for plan B!!

OP posts:
Isadora2007 · 08/12/2019 23:48

Amazing. How had I not heard of these? Ordered two sets, one for each son!

thaegumathteth · 08/12/2019 23:53

@Shouldbedoing that's because the Selfridges one only includes one ring rather than two

Shouldbedoing · 09/12/2019 07:34

Oops. Always read the small print!

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