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AIBU to hate the workplace cliques

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whatisforteamum · 08/12/2019 21:54

Urrghh!.I hate them.I now work in a place where the clique is the worst I've ever experienced.I be always been on the outside.Married with 2 dcs while my colleagues are.considerably younger and socialise together.
I've never had any real problems with this as my finances were for a mortgage and school uniforms and I was at a.very different life stage.
Now my dcs are adults I work with people younger than them
.I hate the cliques though where you know you be been talked about in an unfavorable way.
I know I should just do my job and go home however I often spend 10/12 hours working closely with my colleagues
Is it just me or do workplace cliques drive you nuts.

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