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To expect a Cafe with a children's munu to have high chairs and not to serve very hot food to small children?

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Marne · 22/08/2007 17:32

Took dd's into town today and thought we would have lunch in a cafe, found one that had a childrens menu so went in,

Struggled through the door with pushchair(no help from waitress who just gave us an evil look)

Found a table got asked to moove the pushchair.

Managed to find a table, waitress moved the pushchair to the other side of the cafe.

Find out there are no high chairs so dd2 had to sit on my lap.

Dd1 ask's for a bowl of chips which came out so hot she could'nt eat them (burnt her mouth on one as she was so hungry and would'nt wait) dd1 screems with pain and hunger, meanwhile dd2 has pinched my food off my plate (as she's sat on my lap)

I am rite to be [angry}?

OP posts:

LadyVictoriaOfCake · 22/08/2007 17:37

maybe about the high chairs,

buggys must be kept out of the way due to health and safety, blocking of fire exits and gangways.

foood has to be served hot.


LazyLineLegilimens · 22/08/2007 17:39

our local cafe has handysitts which is nice. unfortunately they can't produce a sandwich in less than 50 minutes so that screws that.


ruddynorah · 22/08/2007 17:39

was it a small cafe? if so then can be difficult to accomodate highchairs plus buggies. and yes, food has to be at a certain temperature. your responsibility t make sure it's cool enough for your child, not theirs.

is it your local town? best to have a few recommendations from other mums which are the best cafes for kids.


Hurlyburly · 22/08/2007 17:40

It's stressful having to look after two children on your own. So I am not surprised you got hot and bothered.

Are you being unreasonable? Well not about the waitress' unhelpful attitude. Nor about the high chair. But the food does have to be hot.


Marne · 22/08/2007 17:43

Not a small cafe, i found the staff realy rude towards kid's, i know that the food has to be hot (i work with food myself), the fact that they had a childrens menu but no high chairs is what realy anoyed me, there was roor for a high chair and room to put a pushchair without blocking a walkway.

OP posts:

XcupcakemummyX · 22/08/2007 17:44

a cafe where we used to live had four high chairs and cold snacks for children it was the only place i would go to with a lively child


aloha · 22/08/2007 17:44

YANBU to expect high chairs and a good attitude. YABU to expect food to be pre-cooled.


Hurlyburly · 22/08/2007 17:46

Bsck to being in agreement with Aloha. What a relief!


aloha · 22/08/2007 17:47

Our relationship would be dull if we agreed on everything though, eh?


lucyellensmum · 22/08/2007 17:48


I had a similar situation with our local "bistro" the other day. It is actually very child friendly but the service is a bit slow tbh. I ordered a french bread pizza for dd2 (aged2) and i swear if she had bitten into it, it would have melted her tongue. It was placed well within her reach and it was all i could do to stop her from burning her fingers on it. It was excessively hot, so please dont patronise me by telling me food has to be hot! I do however put it down to the fact that the, very sweet and helpful waiting staff, being very young and definately not parents, so it is hardly surprising that they have no idea whatsoever. But that doesnt of course make it easy for me appeasing a 2 year old who has just discovered how to use "mummymummymummymummymummy" and peppering that with intermittent shreiks to grind me down!


LadyVictoriaOfCake · 22/08/2007 17:50

you would complain more if it was undercoooked.


OrmIrian · 22/08/2007 17:51

In places like that I find that the staff normally warn me if they are giving anything to my children that is very hot. Which I think is all they can or should do.


cazzybabs · 22/08/2007 17:53

TBH though people who work in a cafe may not have children and therefore would not think about food/plates being too hot. Is it something you thought about before having children.

But I would be annoyed about the highchair - may have gone somewhere else before I ordered though!


muppetgirl · 22/08/2007 18:07

Could you not have used the pushchair as a chair for your dc? If there was room for a highchair maybe there was room for the pushchair.
I understand how you feel about the hot food but as the others have said chips are served hot. Your dd just has to learn to wait....Sorry to be harsh but you would have complained if they were cold or not cooked (quite rightly)
As for struggling to get pushchair through the door, well that's just life now isn't it? No one really wants to help


suzycreamcheese · 22/08/2007 18:15

agree with cazzybabs..with that warm reception and no where to sit kid but on your knee i would've left..

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