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Christmas School meal

82 replies

Mcdreary · 05/12/2019 10:16

My children's school are doing a last day Xmas lunch and everyone has to pay for it. "No alternatives will be offered". Aibu to think that this is not acceptable, what about the kids who are receiving free school meals due to poverty or benefits? Isn't it the schools responsibility to feed these children?

OP posts:

GiveHerHellFromUs · 05/12/2019 10:18

That doesn't sound right. They can't force parents to pay - especially, as you say, when many children are entitled to free school meals.

How much is it?


SquirellTamer · 05/12/2019 10:18

In my kids school, the kids who get FSM automatically get the Christmas meal.


WaterSheep · 05/12/2019 10:21

Surely the no alternatives is for the school dinner, meaning it's the only option being offered that day. Children will still be able to bring packed lunches.

Those who are entitled to free school meals won't have to pay.


NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 · 05/12/2019 10:23

The FSM kids will automatically get it. Why wouldn't they?


RollOnNextYear · 05/12/2019 10:23

Fsm. Still don't pay. Its just saying the only thing they'll cook. Is the Xmas dinner. Not other items.


RollOnNextYear · 05/12/2019 10:24

How exactly is the letter worded


ChanandelerBong · 05/12/2019 10:24

And what about the children in Years R, 1 and 2? They get universal free meals from the Government. They shouldn't be asked to pay either!


Mcdreary · 05/12/2019 10:30

It says "EVERY child having a Christmas lunch must have their orders placed and paid for via Parent Pay by Wednesday 11th December. Please note that alternative options will not be available."

Sorry I've been trying to upload a photo since I posting.

OP posts:

BlaueLagune · 05/12/2019 10:31

The FSM kids will automatically get it

Yes, this was also the case for ds' school Christmas meal. The alternative for those who didn't qualify for FSM and didn't want the dinner was to take a packed lunch.


Mcdreary · 05/12/2019 10:31

"Every" is in bold italics

OP posts:

GiveHerHellFromUs · 05/12/2019 10:31

@Mcdreary has it only been sent to parents who pay for dinners normally?


LittleDidSheKnow · 05/12/2019 10:32

The FSM children will get theirs free.


soapboxqueen · 05/12/2019 10:32

What exactly is the wording of the letter?


BlaueLagune · 05/12/2019 10:32

The wording is not very clear but believe me, kids who get free school meals will get it for free.


Elbeagle · 05/12/2019 10:32

Surely that just means that if you pay for a meal, you need to go online and pay for it? Ours says similar but when I go on to parent pay it shows as £0.00 for my KS1 children.


soapboxqueen · 05/12/2019 10:33

That's every child who is having a Christmas lunch


every child must have a Christmas lunch


SissySpacekAteMyHamster · 05/12/2019 10:33

No alternative menu. You still won't have to pay if entitled to FSM.


Roselilly36 · 05/12/2019 10:34

My kids never had the Xmas meal, they took packed lunch instead.


lazyarse123 · 05/12/2019 10:34

It probably is for the packed lunch kids to join in and make sure they have ordered and paid, every one else wil do what they usually do. Just ask i'm sure it's just badly worded.


soapboxqueen · 05/12/2019 10:35

At our school you still have to sign up for the school meals system if you want the one off Christmas lunch. If you are YR to y2 or on fsm it just shows up at free.

No alternatives just means there won't be the usual meal options.


Emeraldshamrock · 05/12/2019 10:35

I am sure those less fortunate will still get lunch.
My DC school is having a Christmas concert the tickets are €10 each.


FizzyIce · 05/12/2019 10:36

Never been in a school that makes kids have Christmas dinner or tells children they have to pay if receiving FSM.
Our school says if you want a Christmas meal and don’t already have school meals then you have to pay , that does not include children on the fsm scheme


Clymene · 05/12/2019 10:36

It doesn't mean kids who get FSM. Honestly it doesn't. It's just badly worded


ThighThighOfthigh · 05/12/2019 10:36

My kids normally took a packed lunch but we opted in for the Christmas dinner and paid for that one day, i don't think that's unusual.


Mummyshark2018 · 05/12/2019 10:36

All key stage 1 children (in England) and those on FSM will get this free but will still need to make a choice on the menu

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