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Don't respect friend anymore

8 replies

user1471450287 · 05/12/2019 00:53

Hey all,
I have a male friend (am female), been friends for years. But over the last few months he's starting talking over me, interrupting me, being condescending towards me, but then unironically explaining about how things are the fault of the patriarchy, and he isn't part of it, but then talking about how he fancies women in his gym class, because "all men are bastards".
So basically he sounds like an idiot, and I have no respect for him anymore, but we used to be so close!
So my AIBU is, AIBU to ask AIBU to help me figure out what the hell is going on with my friend?!

OP posts:

Trustyourinnersatnav · 05/12/2019 00:55

Does your friend have any mental health issues? He might be unwell


Singlenotsingle · 05/12/2019 00:55

Yes YABU. If you don't know, how are we supposed to know? If you don't respect him any more, just go LC and then stop seeing him. Life's too short.


Aquamarine1029 · 05/12/2019 00:56

Why don't you just ask him why he's being such a twat?


7Days · 05/12/2019 00:59

Hes been on the fucking internet hasn't he.
Mra sites and the like.


Monty27 · 05/12/2019 01:04

Unironically? Wtf does that mean? 🤔


Hellofromtheotherside2020 · 05/12/2019 01:08

Oh, he's one of those "good males" who is a strong feminist, believes women are equal blah blah blah but "wooo look at the rack on her".

Had a male friend once. He was an advocate for equal rights, gender equality etc. He visited strip clubs and has used sex workers. But it was all OK because he "respected them" and they were all consenting adults! He definitely wasn't sexist.... As long as women stayed in the kitchen!
He's no longer a friend.


WhereYouLeftIt · 05/12/2019 01:36

His mask is slipping. You're seeing him as he actually is. And whilst some of it may indeed be prompted by exposure to MRA crap on the internet, be assured that it has always been there, under the surface.

He's not your friend.


Ponoka7 · 05/12/2019 04:18

Just pull him up and challenge him when it happens again. If he admits he's struggling mentally then decide if you can or want to support him.

If he tries to gaslight you or defend his behaviour, then drop him.

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