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To wake my toddler?

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yellowpluck · 04/12/2019 15:34

I've never been one to wake my dc when they are sleeping...but it's 3.30, he's been asleep for 15 minutes now and will take an eternity to settle and go to bed tonight. That's if he even stays there for more than a few hours. He's just turned 3.

I'm slowly loosing my sanity and feel like I'm in the newborn sleep deprivation stage.

It's a vicious cycle, he's tired because his bedtime and sleep at night is crap and then the he passes out at about 3/4 pm nap so he takes forever to get to go to bed again!

OP posts:

MatildaTheCat · 04/12/2019 15:40

I’d give him half an hour and then start the bedtime routine a bit later than usual. And find a tiring activity to fit in before then.

My toddlers actually slept better at night when they’d had a decent rest during the day.

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