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Thomas cook, CEGA, rightpath refunds, come join me while I bang my head off a wall continuously !

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lalahotpants · 04/12/2019 15:18

So are you in this hell with me?
Who is your claim company, howd you pay, how much are you waiting for?

I'll start, didn't get my automatic refund of direct debits back by the 14th as promised so had to make an online claim, booked direct with Thomas cook and my payments were made direct debit. Found out my claim was sent to CEGA by mistake so had transfer to rightpath, no way I'm being refunded by Friday, waiting on just over £800, anyone else?
There is a help group on Facebook which just gives me more anxiety!
Whole things a complete disaster!

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RonaldMcDonald · 04/12/2019 15:21

Use Twitter, they are very responsive to Twitter

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