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Bah Humbug of a Friend

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Ternet · 04/12/2019 14:38

I’ve spent the last five Christmas’ working the eve, and not coming home until late Christmas Day, then Boxing Day until the morning of the 27th as I support Adults with Autism. My husband goes to another Country to support his elderly Mother so she’s not on her own after her husband died and following her own poor health. Before we split ourselves in two we ensure our adult Son and his Fiancé have their Christmas Gifts etc then we get on with it. As a family we have always been very generous where friends are concerned, always been there for them through family hurdles, yet I feel let down by my best friend. She knows I’ll be once again returning to an empty house after work on Christmas Day, she will be only down the street yet was on the phone telling me of the plans her family had for Christmas Day. Where my home has always been an open house for her, her Children and now their respective Partners; why do I feel let down that never once did she suggest me popping in rather be on my own?

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