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To ask for a gift recommendation for a 5 year old girl?

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Bamboo15 · 03/12/2019 19:49

Just that really, she has lots of toys that she half plays with but I want to get a big present £40-60 that she will really love and connect with. She has loads of dress up and colouring things that she likes.

So, what are the presents that your 5 year old has really loved?

OP posts:

DontGoIntoTheLongGrass · 03/12/2019 19:56

Slime, play doh, scruff a luff, pretend makeup and dressing up things.

My 4.5 year old is getting s big doll's house this year, a baby doll and a few other bits above. She loves pretend play.

My 5yr old neice is getting a vanity table with play make up.


Neverender · 03/12/2019 19:58

How about a "proper" tea set - even a tin one?


RevengeOfTheRoundRobin · 03/12/2019 19:58

Lego Friends


LoisLittsLover · 03/12/2019 19:59

Dd (5) loves her baby wow emma doll and this year has asked for a baby born


sleepismysuperpower1 · 03/12/2019 20:00

if she likes dress up, she might like a larger doll like an our generation one with clothes that match hers? you could also get some sets off ebay (search our generation doll sets) to let her set up a 'town' or 'world'


TheTrollFairy · 03/12/2019 20:00

Have a look to see if there are soft play places which have annual passes for around that cost!


SnugglySnerd · 03/12/2019 20:00

Does she like Frozen? Lots of Frozen dolls, castles, Lego etc in the shops because of the new film.


melrs · 03/12/2019 20:01

Wonderbly personalised books are great presents, they’re personalised with names, messages and little pictures and you can choose story books or where’s wally-like books.


Tdmama · 03/12/2019 20:07

My daughter is having the Myla Make Up Unicorn. It is right up her street because she is a girly girl!


RainbowMum11 · 03/12/2019 20:07

A scooter or bike?
Dolls house (my DD6 plays with hers loads)


MerlinsScarf · 03/12/2019 20:12

If she's not so engaged in smaller playsets but loves dressing up, how about a puppet theatre?


CottonSock · 03/12/2019 20:13

Lego friends is pretty much the only thing my 6 yo plays with, and her aquabeads.


AlpacaGoodnight · 03/12/2019 20:18

My daughter loves LOL dolls and has played with them daily for 2 and a half years since she was 5!


APurpleSquirrel · 03/12/2019 20:18

My DD (5) wants roller skates, a remote control helicopter & aquabeads. Also got her a jewellery box for all her bits, books, some Lush smellies & we're going to get tickets to a few shows on at local theatres.


Isithometimeyet0987 · 03/12/2019 20:22

Dolls house? Play kitchen? Barbie? Our generation dolls? Scooter? Bike? Dolls sets - cot, change table type set? Ladybird full book set? Leapfrog (I think you can check amazon) learning tablet? One of them small personalised wardrobe for her dress up stuff? Vanity table, there child ones that play songs an everything? Pretend shop? Puppet theatre? Lego?


Hugsgalore · 03/12/2019 20:24

As a parent to a 5 year old girl.... do not get her play doh or slime. Both a fucking nightmare!!

My 5 year old loves teddies that talk and do stuff. She's getting a scruffaluv from Santa.

The our generation doll is great if she likes dress up. There a tonnes of different styles and playsets. They are expensive though so just check her parents would be ok with her collecting that kind of stuff.

Lego is great but not everyone likes it.

Some of the leap start stuff is really good too.


RollOnNextYear · 03/12/2019 20:27

Our generation dolls. Dsd has loved these since age 4..shes 7 now and still loves them.


SquareAsABlock · 03/12/2019 20:27

I was going to suggest a toy kitchen, though it sounds a bit sexist. I've bought one for my son though, with a load of cutlery and such. Or a huge box of lego, I loved that myself as a child, it has endless replay value for years to come. My friend and I used to build small cities out of the stuff!


ChatWithMe · 03/12/2019 20:31

Or how about encourage little girls to get into STEM by getting them building sets (engineering needs more women)? Helps with problem solving and spacial relations in school as well. She may not be into it at first but sometimes if the giver shows them how to get started and gets excited about it the intrigue rubs off on kids :-)


SnugglySnerd · 03/12/2019 20:32

My 5 yo dd loves play dough. Not sure why it would be a nightmare? It requires not setting up or clearing up whatsoever and she plays with it in all sorts of creative ways.


SquareAsABlock · 03/12/2019 20:36

It requires not setting up or clearing up whatsoever

Tell that to my poor carpets. The amount of times I've been on my knees scraping out some lost piece trodden into the floor.

I've still bought the kids some for Christmas though, obviously a glutton for punishment.


SnugglySnerd · 03/12/2019 20:41

I only allow it in the kitchen so it's never been near the carpet! The dcs just get it out, play with it on the kitchen table and put it away again.


SquareAsABlock · 03/12/2019 20:49

@SnugglySnerd, ah well unfortunately we dont have room for our dining table in the actual kitchen! Which would be handy as it's the only room that isnt carpeted Grin.


SnugglySnerd · 03/12/2019 20:53

We don't either tbh! I just bought a small table when dd1 was weaning to save the carpet! We don't have room for a decent sized table anywhere.

Anyway, that's not the point of the thread! Last year I bought dd some of those magnetic tiles for building 3D things. She loves them and the are played with a lot.


Hugsgalore · 03/12/2019 21:03

@SnugglySnerd your kids must be playing with it in a bubble then. No matter how how strict I am with play doh it manages to get embedded into soles of shoes and walked all over the mats. I hate the stuff.

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