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Help me identify this bug!

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LucyAutumn · 03/12/2019 16:16

...and let me know if I need to burn the house down! Shock

(in the UK if that helps)

Help me identify this bug!
OP posts:
LucyAutumn · 03/12/2019 16:17

Bugs about 2-3mm in size.

OP posts:
DeborahAnnabelToo · 03/12/2019 16:17

Silverfish. Is it in a bath or sink?

IsolaPribby · 03/12/2019 16:17

Looks like a common or garden woodlouse to me.

WowOoo · 03/12/2019 16:18

Carpet beetle larvae.

LucyAutumn · 03/12/2019 16:19

It was on a wall but we did have silverfish when we moved in.

It's very tiny, could be a baby woodlouse maybe?

OP posts:
Andysbestadventure · 03/12/2019 16:19

No idea but I squished one this morning when it was running up the spare room wall.

easyandy101 · 03/12/2019 16:19

Looks a bit like a woolly bear

freckledsloth · 03/12/2019 16:19

Carpet beetle larvae

SleighOfSparkliness · 03/12/2019 16:21

Woolly bear aka carpet beetle larva.


Help me identify this bug!
LucyAutumn · 03/12/2019 16:21

Omg WowOoo has it! Just googled and that's it! Thank you for getting so quickly! Now to burn the house down...

OP posts:
LucyAutumn · 03/12/2019 16:21

Thank you all!

OP posts:
easyandy101 · 03/12/2019 16:23

I'd like to give them a pass for being called woolly bears

But they eat your stuff

OctopusNow · 03/12/2019 16:23

Yes, they are little buggers and infest everything! Sorry OP.

Gingernaut · 03/12/2019 16:24

Baby carpet beetle.

Burn everything.

cfc28 · 03/12/2019 16:26

Yep, carpet beetle.

Keep an eye out for more. They do come in from outside so it might be the odd one you have. But we had an infestation when we bought our house and had to have it sprayed.

The adults look like small, patterned brown/cream bugs.

WowOoo · 03/12/2019 16:27

I'd try to vacuum under furniture and move things around. They like undisturbed areas.

cfc28 · 03/12/2019 16:31

If the infestation isn't too bad yet you can usually get rid of them by thoroughly vacuuming every room every day, moving furniture.

easyandy101 · 03/12/2019 16:40

I bombed the flat back to the stoneage with flea foggers and it sorted the problem out

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