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To ask your advice about Fitbit or alternative

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doorbellringer · 02/12/2019 23:24

Want to buy DH Fitbit or alternative but don’t know where to start. The Fitbit page recommended a Charge 3 at £80. Want heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, he cycles and does snowboarding, uses IPhone, therefore iOS. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

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Shooturlocalmethdealer · 03/12/2019 04:13

I would recommend an Apple watch.
Alot more expensive but it's a great watch.
Second watch would be the newest FitBit.

Hellofromtheotherside2020 · 03/12/2019 05:54

I didn't find my fitbit very accurate at all (I had the new versa). It also left a minor burn on my upper wrist from where it detects for heart rate. I googled it and many people had similar with the versa.

I can't comment on the charge.

Garmin are good, and the apple iWatch but totally different budget.

TotalRecall · 03/12/2019 06:09

I would recommend Apple Watch too. I got one a few months ago after many fit bits and absolutely love it. I am never without it.

hazeydays14 · 03/12/2019 06:22

I like my Fitbit (blaze - not sure how much RRP I had mine second hand) but if he’s into cycling a Garmin might be better as I believe they have gps for distance too whereas I don’t think Fitbit would give distance cycled? I could be wrong though because mine isn’t the newest model.

Zampa · 03/12/2019 06:28

I have a Charge 3 and a Garmin Forerunner. I use the former for everyday, keep me active use but use it for trends rather than strict monitoring. The sleep tracking is cool but then again you can do that on a £29 Honor Band.

For actual exercise tracking I use my GPS enabled Garmin which I think it's far more accurate. The GPS on the Charge 3 is only active when linked to a phone and even then it's not remotely accurate.

vivacian · 03/12/2019 06:38

I have just replaced my Fitbit 2 with a 3 and am very happy with it. I’ve just realised that it syncs with my phone and tracks distance too. I’ve used a webpage for that before, so I’ll have to check its accuracy.

If you get a Fitbit I recommend you get a screen protector too.

QueenAnnesHat · 03/12/2019 06:59

I have a Fitbit Alta HR, which I've had for a couple of years. My major problem with it is that the screen isn't bright enough to read when outside, even on a dull day. I've looked at Fitbit community forums and this seems to be a problem across all models - even the very latest (I was thinking about upgrading on Black Friday) I've ended up wearing my Fitbit on my right wrist and my watch on my left, so that I can see the time. I wish I'd returned it when I first bought it. Would be interested to know if anyone else has this problem.

Dontdisturbmenow · 03/12/2019 07:15

I definitely wouldn't pay for an apple watch. If it doesn't have anything yet, he isn't that utterly bothered and the apple watch is unlikely to give him much more than what he's be happy with.

If you want something that does what you've pointed out, that is reliable, comfortable and cheaper, go for the Fitbit Aspire. I have no problem seeing the screen (well wouldn't have issues if I could see it up close without my glasses!).

Veterinari · 03/12/2019 07:41

I prefer my Fitbit charge to my Apple Watch!
What’s your budget OP? Fitbit charge is a decent activity tracker.

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