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Arrrrrgh Yodel!

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JagerPlease · 02/12/2019 18:13

I know IANBU but oh my god, they infuriate me. Ordered a playhouse from Very. Website showed an error, so I resubmitted the order, which resulted in it being processed twice. Immediately tried to cancel one but was told it was too late, and I should just refuse delivery of one of the playhouses.

So Yodel deliver them on Friday and the driver says I have to accept both or none, as on his computer thing they are one order (despite them being processed as 2 orders with Very). Says he will return the next day and collect one. I arrange the next day return via Very, so scheduled for Saturday.

Saturday nobody turns up to collect, nor Sunday.

Today I receive notification that Yodel will collect it between 1 and 230. Fine, DS and I wait in. Gets to 230 and get notified that collection delayed to 230 to 445.

Sitting refreshing the tracking page watching the driver travel painfully slowly through the stops before mine. At 440 there are finally no more stops.

And then I refresh to get a "sorry we missed you, we've left a card" message on the screen. Only, they obviously haven't missed me as I've been sat here all afternoon, and there is no card.

Oh, and they won't speak to me on the online chat because Very are the retailer.

Didn't realise it would be so long but I feel better for ranting!

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CAG12 · 02/12/2019 19:17

Yodel are the worst by far. Ive never, ever had a good experience with them.

Once when I was living somewhere else I used to get cards through the door saying I wasnt in. I was in. They just hadnt bothered to ring the doorbell.


Iamnotagoddess · 02/12/2019 19:34

Yodel couldn’t deliver a parcel to themselves in their own depot if they had to.


ClientListQueen · 02/12/2019 19:45

@Iamnotagoddess GrinGrin
They told me once that drivers didn't have phones. About 2hrs later "we will contact the driver"
Me "what with, an owl?"


Iamnotagoddess · 03/12/2019 00:03

They just lob stuff over the back gate.

Bloody awful.

I was stood the other side of the front door once when a note was shoved through.

I scared the hell out of him when I opened the door - felt like shouting “surprise! I am actually in” which you would have known if you had rung the fucking doorbell (although my kids tell me sales of doorbells are falling due to young people not using them as they text when they arrive - WTAF?!).

It’s like they don’t actually WANT to deliver the parcel. WHY?!


JagerPlease · 03/12/2019 18:41

Feel like my fury is now even more justified. Apparently they were coming today to collect the parcel instead, between 1130 and 1330. Allegedly my driver has been on stop 2 of the 5 before me since 1115 but my collection is still expected by 1330. Arrrrrgh!

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