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Reasons to feel there must be something wrong with me and my life.

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Schwibble · 02/12/2019 15:49


I don't drive a brand new SUV or 4x4 and my DH doesn't have a BMW or Porsche.

I don't take at least 2 foreign, ideally exotic, holidays a year.

I don't have a cleaner.

I love cats.

I don't have multitudes of friends for coffee mornings, wine and shopping trips.

I don't see colours when I climax.

I'm not a size 10.

I don't cook everything from scratch.

I don't hoover or clean every day.

I believe it's ok to sometimes find a member of the opposite sex attractive despite being married, perhaps even to enjoy a mutual flirtation or chemistry.

I understand that often in DV the victim can't just LTB and has nowhere to go and no-one to turn to.

I don't own a pair of pyjamas.

I have never taken drugs, not even marijuana, so I haven't lived and have missed out.


OP posts:
iklboodolphrednosedreindeer · 02/12/2019 15:54

All of the above plus

Never spat my coffee out / woken the baby / scared the cat laughing at something not very funny on MN.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants · 02/12/2019 15:55

I've never clutched my pearls either Grin

PsychosonicCindy · 02/12/2019 15:56

I can't drive.
I answer the door every time someone knocks.

HarrietTheFly · 02/12/2019 15:58

I can't drive. I tried to learn and was very bad at it. My instructor shouted at me for being so bad and I've been scared to try and learn since that. I don't think it is physically possible for me to learn how to drive. I don't have sense of direction, I don't know my left and right. I get muddled when having to do a set of things in a certain order - e.g. turn key, pull gear stick, press peddle, look ahead, be aware of surroundings, keep an eye on speed but don't look down at the speed thing keep looking ahead. I get completely overwhelmed by the whole thing.

HarrietTheFly · 02/12/2019 15:59

I've never had a coffee morning either.

BobbinThreadbare123 · 02/12/2019 16:01

I don't have any children and couldn't think of anything worse than having any.
I say 'haitch' and I enjoy it. In my scouse accent.
I enjoy wishing small amounts of evil on XH even though I ought to have moved on and never think of him.
I use the title 'Dr' and I don't give a shit if anyone thinks it's pretentious.

PsychosonicCindy · 02/12/2019 16:03

On my last driving lesson my instructor literally shouted "Pull over before you kill us both!!"
So I pulled over got out slammed the door and that was that!

sweeneytoddsrazor · 02/12/2019 16:03

Most of the above although I do have pjs, we are a zero car family, walk or public transport everywhere.
I realise that people cant just have a spa day when they feel like it.

I also realise that not everyone can change jobs to a high wage, or cut their working hours, or work from home a day or two a week.
And I dont have a DH that is a cyclist.

Schwibble · 02/12/2019 16:04

I don't think it's ok to let children run around 'expressing themselves' in restaurants and bars, shrieking and jumping around annoying other diners and waiting staff.

OP posts:
raffle · 02/12/2019 16:10

I look forward to and enjoy weddings (even if it’s only an evening invite) Grin

mumwon · 02/12/2019 16:34

I can have fun without drinking alcohol (without tea might be a problem) I am retired & I voted against Brexit. I have more than 30 print books in my house (multiple by 10 might be accurate) I hate housework with a passion & do it under protest. & I get on with my dc's partners.

Schwibble · 02/12/2019 18:56

I get up at 6am most days.

I like to occasionally have a snack in bed, in my non ironed bed linen.

I have dog and cat hair on my carpet and furnishings.

OP posts:
MaggieMagpie1 · 02/12/2019 22:32

I have an inspirational quote on my bedroom wall!

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