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helpwithhouse · 02/12/2019 09:00

I need advice
My first child is 9 months old. She’s teething. Apart from needing a bit of calpol every few days she is a very happy, energetic baby who is crawling and climbing everywhere!!

Yesterday we had 3 lots of diarrhoea/very watery poop in the evening. She appeared completely fine in herself otherwise (sorry from a very rosy cheek due to teething). She’s been eating and drinking as normal and too.

She’s had a half decent sleep and is full of beans as normal this morning.

So, I guess what I’m asking it should we do the 48 hour rule? Or is this likely to be due to teething?
We have a wee party to go to tomorrow and I obviously won’t take her if I shouldn’t...but I don’t want her to miss out if it’s just teething and this can be normal.
I have no one to ask in real life so sorry if this is a really stupid question.

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olivesnutsandcheese · 02/12/2019 09:30

Sounds very much like acidic teething poos to me. My DS was similar, horrible loose poos and red cheeks but happy as Larry

helpwithhouse · 02/12/2019 11:43

Thank you.
Yeah that’s certainly what I’m hoping it is. I don’t want to spread any bugs...but I don’t want to keep her in if it’s just a teething thing

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