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Adam Price Labour obsession

3 replies

refraction · 01/12/2019 20:54

Why is Adam Price obsessed with blaming labour when we have had s Tory government for the last ten years?

Am I missing something ?

Is he hoping to get into bed with Bojo in a hung parliament.

I don't understand. Even if labour had destroyed Wales should that not have been sorted in the last ten years?

OP posts:

BingoLittlesUncle · 01/12/2019 21:13

Ask yourself who is PC's biggest opponent in Wales. Labour or the Tories?


refraction · 01/12/2019 21:20

I suppose it just seemed disingenuous.

I know the Welsh assembly is lead by them but the Tories have the ultimate say.

OP posts:

Paintedmaypole · 01/12/2019 21:40

It is because Labour is the main competition for Plaid in Wales. I doubt the Tories will get very far in Wales. He deliberately ignores that,although the Labour administration in the Sennedd can make decisions about priorities in some areas, like health and education, the funding is from Westminster. It is lkke cutting funding to local authoritiesand then blaming them for cut backs. In fact even more unfair as the Welsh assembly has no fundraising powers. Plaid Cymru is a very mixed bag.

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