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AIBU for being annoyed with the kids father for buying them mobile phones?

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ysmaem · 01/12/2019 00:23

Ds1 who's 9 has been hounding me and his father (we've been separated for years) for a mobile phone for the last couple of christmases and this year DS2 7 has also asked for one too. We've refused each time cause we personally feel they are far too young. We had this conversation with ds1 only last month. We explained to him why he doesn't need one and we both told him we'll buy him a phone for his 11th birthday and ds1 accepted this. Last night their father rang to say he bought them both a mobile phone as a gift from father christmas and I didn't hide the fact that I was annoyed with him for doing so when we both had only a month ago sat our son down together and said no mobiles. AIBU for being annoyed with him for buying the mobiles on a whim after we said no or do I just let it slide?

OP posts:

VimFuego101 · 01/12/2019 01:03

YANBU, that should be a jointly agreed decision. I'd be annoyed too.


TriangularRatbag · 01/12/2019 01:08

It's pretty likely be can get a refund still - put your foot down. This is not like buying a toy. This obviously makes a big change in your life and needs to be agreed jointly.


Shooturlocalmethdealer · 01/12/2019 04:46

Disrespectful to you as a mother.
Your husband just totally undermined you not to mention himself.
Make him return the phones.


nrpmum · 01/12/2019 04:49

Tbh if it made communication between him and the children better, and he paid for them why does it really matter?


CheshireDing · 01/12/2019 05:46

7 and 9 year olds with phones is ridiculous


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