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To lamp or not to lamp

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PurpleFrames · 30/11/2019 21:53

I live in a block of flats which has recently been burgled twice in a month.

The police have advised us to leave lights on to look like were in all the time. I feel like this is really bad for the environment...

So I was wondering is a lamp better?
Is it even safe to leave a lamp on all day?

What would you do?


OP posts:
Elieza · 30/11/2019 22:04

I have lamps on a timer. They go on and off. I change the timer around by a few mins here and there so it’s not so predictable.

Don’t worry about the environment. One low energy light bulb costing less than a penny a day to power is not going to make that much difference.
If your house gets burgled the cost to the planet In replacing your TVs will be way more considering all the plastic and transport emissions to get replacement ones here etc. So it’s a spend to save financially and environmentally speaking.

1Morewineplease · 30/11/2019 22:08

I completely agree with @Elieza

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