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Loving the Toy Show

20 replies

myduckiscooked · 29/11/2019 22:06

AIBU. Post Brexit you guys need to insist on a Toy Show. It’s the best.

OP posts:
WeShouldOpenABar · 29/11/2019 22:09

I miss Gay, I'd even take Pat the plank over this eejit

Feduppluckingmychinhairs · 29/11/2019 22:18

Am loving it too and I actually like Ryan doing it Grin

myduckiscooked · 29/11/2019 22:23

So do I and I love how much he get down to the kids level.

OP posts:
myduckiscooked · 29/11/2019 22:25

Missing Gay to though. DD who would literally never have seen him said ‘you’d miss Gay would ya??’ 🤣🤣

OP posts:
Feduppluckingmychinhairs · 29/11/2019 22:27

Its a real sentimental thing every year. I remember looking forward to it as a child and getting to stay up late to watch it. Now it's my own kids turn. Although there's fancy Late Late PJs now and all sorts of goodies that we didn't have. Wonder will it be still running when it's my grandchildrens turn

Annasgirl · 29/11/2019 22:33

Watching with my DC like every year. Is it my age or is it just too much Billie Barry kids and too few toys these days versus when I was a child (ie when Gaybo did it)?

myduckiscooked · 29/11/2019 22:34

Actually Anna you’re right there are very few toys.

OP posts:
Annasgirl · 29/11/2019 22:42

Take it all back - we are all in tears after Grace. And loving the Sean Nós.

myduckiscooked · 29/11/2019 22:43

Love Grace

OP posts:
MomOfTwoGirls2 · 29/11/2019 22:46

Ah loved Grace too, amd the little golfer was amazing. The little rapper from Cork was fabulous!!

myduckiscooked · 29/11/2019 22:47

Little golfer was unreal

OP posts:
MomOfTwoGirls2 · 29/11/2019 22:57

I’m in tears now! Lovely little Sophie.

myduckiscooked · 29/11/2019 23:03

Yep Mom totally tearing up. It is just so inclusive.

OP posts:
MomOfTwoGirls2 · 29/11/2019 23:58

Katie Taylor is pure class. Little boxer also fab!!

myduckiscooked · 29/11/2019 23:58

Adore Katie, without her that little girl would not box, it is as simple as that.

OP posts:
MakeLemonade · 30/11/2019 00:01

I saw some people talking about this on Twitter... what is it?

Iblinkedandiamold · 30/11/2019 00:22

Not enough toys and not enough toys not working. How ever I think I cried from start to finish. I love Ryan but I am exhausted watching him. What is he taking in the green room. 😂😂

MomOfTwoGirls2 · 30/11/2019 00:36

I have older teenagers, so not tracking the toys too closely. But I know my 2 would have adored that large dolls house on wheels when they were younger. Also the Polaroid camera that Sophie used for her photo book.

bubblesforlife · 30/11/2019 00:46

Cried my eyes out.
Ryan did a fantastic job tonight. It was a really well balanced show this year where there was a lot of important topics addressed.

AngelaScandal · 30/11/2019 00:56

@MakeLemonade it’s a one-night-per-year episode of an Irish chat show (the Late Late show) which ostensibly had children review toys in time for the Christmas season. It’s an Irish institution. They used to do a repeat on Channel 4 for the U.K. Irish audience. Tonight’s episode was glorious. As someone on Twitter said ‘ a show about toys with some kids became a show about kids with some toys’

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