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More of a WWYD

34 replies

PyongyangKipperbang · 29/11/2019 21:29

At an organised event and got smacked on the bridge of my nose by falling fireword debris. Hurts like crazy, huge lump, probably going to have a black eye by morning.

Organisers, local council, crapping themselves, was surrounded by 10 people at one point, mix of them and St Johns all making sure I was ok. Very concerned as there were very young kids there, including DD who could have been seriously injured. As I could have been had it been half an inch over, I could have lost an eye.

So, WWYD now? I keep being told to claim, but I am not sure I feel happy about doing that, Ive always thought it was a slightly greedy thing to do, accidents happen after all. That said, if I do have bad bruising it will affect what I can do at work as I run a quite "naice" place and would have to keep out of the way and pay more staff to cover my FOH hours.

OP posts:

puds11 · 29/11/2019 21:33

What do you mean fireword?

Personally I’d just cover it with make up and crack on. I wouldn’t even think of suing for something like this.


Brefugee · 29/11/2019 21:35

  1. do you mean firework?

2. Claim. They will have insurance - if you have to miss work etc, you are definitely entitled (morally, legally probably) to claim for loss of earnings.
this will have the additional benefit of their insurance for future events will be too high so it won't happen again.

changeforprivacy · 29/11/2019 21:37

What are you claiming for?


puds11 · 29/11/2019 21:37

Loss of earnings?


changeforprivacy · 29/11/2019 21:40

That's what I meant. OP needs to be very specific.

Saying she has been told to claim is all good and well but at this point t OP doesn't even know if it will affect work.


PyongyangKipperbang · 29/11/2019 21:42

Well thats the thing, I dont know what I would be claiming for! Personal injury I suppose, it fucking hurts and my face is a mess.

I was just interested in what other people would do. I wont, unless it turns into something horribly serious that really does leave me unable to work at all, which lets face it is incredibly unlikely. BUt everyone who knows what happens has immediately said that I should claim, so I was wondering if that was the default now.

OP posts:

AtrociousCircumstance · 29/11/2019 21:43

  1. It’s obvious she means firework! Hmm

2. Yes claim.

georgialondon · 29/11/2019 21:43

You could only claim if someone was negligent. Do you think someone was negligent?


AtrociousCircumstance · 29/11/2019 21:44

Listen, that event was obviously not properly contained and what happened to you was unbelievably dangerous. If you claim (which you have every right to) it will encourage the organisers to make damn sure it doesn’t happen again.


AtrociousCircumstance · 29/11/2019 21:44

What if you hear that it happens to someone else’s child next year?


Notsurehowtofixit · 29/11/2019 21:44

I wouldn't do anything, but that's just because I hate all that stuff.


IfWishesWereFishes · 29/11/2019 21:45

I twisted my ankle slipping on a wet floor and approximately 18374929 people told me I should 'claim'.

People talk shit. Why would you claim? For what? Your bruising will he gone before you get hold of a claim form.


Pipandmum · 29/11/2019 21:46

Not sure you can claim for that particular reason- it's not like you can't walk or are in hospital and physically cant do your job.
My daughter had the top of her finger sliced off on a ferry and needed surgery but I asked my insurance company and they said only grounds would be loss of income.


Haggisfish · 29/11/2019 21:51

I would want to know it wasn’t going to happen again. I would claim if I genuinely lost earnings. But my main concern would be knowing what changes had been made to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


changeforprivacy · 29/11/2019 22:11

What if you hear that it happens to someone else’s child next year?

Whether OP claims or not won't make a difference to the organisers having to sort their safety out. They know this has happened and presumably will investigate from that angle irrespective of any claims against them.


IfWishesWereFishes · 29/11/2019 22:13

Yeah OP what are you gonna do when a kid gets a firework to the face next year, huh? So selfish OP


Mishfit0819 · 29/11/2019 22:16

Don't claim unless you are genuinely losing money through not working/have a serious and ongoing injury.

This claim culture thing is getting rediculous. Yes they will have insurance, which also always has an excess and a monthly premium which goes up for each you think its a good use of your councils budget? You can complain to them an ask for a copy of the accident report and findings if you are worried they haven't taken the issue seriously, but from what you've said it sounds like a genuine accident and like they had a pretty good response at the time?


AtrociousCircumstance · 29/11/2019 22:21

I think any issue raised will make it more likely they will review their safety policies.


Obbydoo · 29/11/2019 23:00

Don't be one of those people! Urgh, I hate it, it's so unbelievably grabby. Who are you going to claim against? The council? Taking money from the council that could otherwise have been spent on social care or education just because you've got a slightly hurty nose. Please don't claim.


elmosducks · 29/11/2019 23:11

Where there's blame, there's a claim mentality.

I wouldn't claim.

Some people just want to see £££ anywhere.


Trenet · 29/11/2019 23:14

If the organisers took all the recommended safety precautions, then unfortunately anyone attending these events does so at their own risk because fireworks can be unpredictable.
Make a complaint to the relevant authority so that procedures can be investigated to check that safety rules were followed and to hopefully ensure, as far as possible that this doesn't happen again.
If it is found there was negligence, then fair enough, you have a grievance


DragonflyInn · 29/11/2019 23:19

Yes, surely a formal complaint would be the way to ensure they make changes and it doesn’t happen again. No need for a claim unless you do have loss of earnings etc?


PyongyangKipperbang · 30/11/2019 01:11

You see my thought was to write to the councill and ask them to investigate and ensure that all safety procedures where followed. It would have been horrifying if it had hit one of the many small children that were there. Luckily I am a battle hardened middle aged woman!

I was just shocked at the fact that literally every person who knows has said I should claim, so thought I would ask on here.

OP posts:

lilypainter · 30/11/2019 01:30

I would only make a claim if the accident led to something like loss of earnings.

I would definitely make a formal complaint about the incident, I would want someone to investigate whether the relevant safety precautions had been followed, and to review whether procedures need to be changed to reduce the risks of a similar incident happening again.


X0X0 · 30/11/2019 12:20

I have heard that a society in Sussex had an issue with someone suing them, and the insurance company settled without telling the society, and that it increased their insurance by a crazy amount

A lot of people get a lot of enjoyment from fireworks etc, and unless you are actually damaged, or you can prove they were negligent, then I wouldn't claim

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