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to ask that people think about their online reviews? Especially on Etsy

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PenguinBollard · 29/11/2019 12:12

I've been selling online for about 5 years.
Up until recently, my main platform has been Etsy, but I've been focusing on driving traffic to my website since the new CEO has started bringing in more and more stringent rules, in an attempt to turn Etsy into Amazon and to pump money from the artists selling (whole other thread).

All of my items are handmade and a huge amount of time and effort goes into making them, marketing them, shipping them etc.

There is a noticeable decrease in views and sales for shops that have 4 star ratings, compared to 5 star ratings.

You would not believe how many people give low rankings for things that are outside a seller's control (the postman delivered it at the wrong time of day, the customer ordered the wrong thing etc).

Now, I'm all for leaving honest reviews as obviously it helps future customers but small businesses can be extremely affected by an unfair, or even just conservative review.

I have seen people on MN say they won't leave a 5-star review unless the experience was beyond exceptional, they received more than they paid for and the planets all align etc. But the difference between 4 stars and 5 stars costs us sales Sad.

I've attached a screenshot of a recent piece of feedback, with the wording what I'd say is a 5 star rating - but the review is 4 star. It only takes a couple of people to do this, and my average score will drop to 4 stars (the formula works on most recent reviews).

(It also won't be long until Etsy starts penalising sellers with 4 star reviews, but thats another story)

AIBU to think that if you got what you paid for, you like the quality of the item/service and you're satisfied with your purchase - that equals a five star review?

to ask that people think about their online reviews? Especially on Etsy
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