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To send this years Christmas cards with...

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GaaaaarlicBread · 29/11/2019 12:00

To send Christmas cards with a wedding photo on?

DH and I had a winter wedding this year, and I was wondering whether it would be OK to send a festive card including a photo from our wedding day (unseen as we haven't shared more than two on DH's social media ((I don't do FB or anything)) ) so I thought sending a card with a christmassy wedding photo on to family would be nice or is that a bit 'look at us' and a bit American to do so? I say American as I follow a lot of bloggers and have blogger friends in America and every year I receive a card off them where they have got matching Christmas jumpers on and dressing their dog up lol.

I don't wan to do it if it is seen as being a bit up our own arses, you know? Feedback please , I won't be offended!

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Yummymummy2020 · 29/11/2019 12:17

Some people might disagree but I think that’s a lovely idea! I know I would quite like to get a card like that, it’s more personal and a bit different to the typical robin on a post box cards!!! In reality most cards end up in the recycle bin every Christmas but I think I would keep something like that!


P1nkHeartLovesCake · 29/11/2019 12:20

Depends how I know you!

If your family or a close friend. Fine

If your Sandra I worked with for a month, ten years ago. I don’t really need to see your wedding day


PineappleDanish · 29/11/2019 12:22

Please don't. I don't want to see pictures of your kids as the front of cards either.


JasminaPashmina · 29/11/2019 12:29

I agree with @PineappleDanish

Pictures in Xmas cards go straight into the bin here.

I don't want random pictures of people's weddings or kids on/in Xmas cards. If people were close enough to you to want wedding pictures, they'd have been at the wedding. If they weren't close enough to be invited to the wedding, they won't want pictures.


GaaaaarlicBread · 29/11/2019 12:31

@Yummymummy2020 thank you! I came on here as DH said he's not fussed but I wanted to see if it was an OK thing to do. You know what Men can be like 'Up to you shrugs' lol
I know for our wedding Thank you cards we sent them with a photo on the front to just family and everyone has kept them on their fridges!

@P1nkHeartLovesCake I am talking Grandparents, close Aunties who I am in touch with regularly but live a few hours away, and parents. Not Karen who I worked with but never liked lol

@PineappleDanish Don't worry we don't have kids to put on the front of cards just yet Grin

OP posts:

MutedUser · 29/11/2019 12:32

Maybe for parents and siblings not everyone . I would have cats bum face if I received this kind of Christmas card. It’s very looks at me .


Ponoka7 · 29/11/2019 12:32

It's fine for family. Older relatives, especially, will be happy with that.


GaaaaarlicBread · 29/11/2019 12:33

@JasminaPashmina hmm so it seems like it's a bit 50-50 (or 64-36 according to the poll )

OP posts:

GaaaaarlicBread · 29/11/2019 12:34

@Ponoka7 yeah our Grandparents love photos you see which is why we initially thought it might be a good idea. Not going to send to friends, although I have one very good friend who is 64 and she LOVES photos on cards.

OP posts:

CAG12 · 29/11/2019 12:35

Have you already started a thread about this?

If the wedding is actually happening around christmas time then yeah. If it was a oct/nov wedding then thats not remotely christmassy, its just stretching out your wedding


MutedUser · 29/11/2019 12:52

When was the wedding OP ? I guess this month as you said winter wedding . Are you standing next to a Christmas tree in your photo to make it Christmassy?


GaaaaarlicBread · 29/11/2019 12:55

I just realised I accidentally double posted this thread sorry, my internet glitched ! @CAG12 apologies for that.

We have decided we won't send a wedding photo card. Don't want to annoy anyone! Thanks for your feedback, it does help to hear opinions.

OP posts:

OlaEliza · 29/11/2019 12:56

I sent a photo with my wedding thank you notes.

I think it's a nice idea OP.


TokenGinger · 29/11/2019 13:10

It really depends on the relation. I would love to receive a card like this of my brother's or best friend's wedding. Equally, my grandparents, parents, siblings and best friend have been asking me to make sure I send Christmas cards of my DS's first Christmas picture this year so that they can keep the photo in a frame, but just a ordinary friend wouldn't want those pictures.


SunnyCoco · 29/11/2019 13:17

If you've already sent thank you cards with your wedding photo on, I don't think you also need to send Christmas cards with your wedding photo on too.


Damntheman · 29/11/2019 13:34

Xmas cards with family photos on them are VERY normal here in Norway OP. I know a lot of people who do them! I've had one off an Irish friend before as well so I wouldn't be surprised if it's the norm there too. You do you!

I personally am not the keenest to recieve them as I feel obligated to hold onto them forever and feel mildly bad throwing photos of friends' families away. But I know a lot of people love them so have at it!


Logjam · 29/11/2019 13:36

I love getting photo cards - I usually keep them - would never keep or display normal Christmas cards.


CAG12 · 29/11/2019 13:37

Its not the norm here.... (UK)


Fr0g · 29/11/2019 14:15

why not include a print of the photo inside a normal christmas card for those you think may like it?


Rezie · 29/11/2019 14:23

I think it's fine. I will throw Christmas cards away in January regardless if there are pictures or not. I don't think they send a look at me message. Worst thing that can happen is that someone rolls their eyes.


rak5a · 29/11/2019 14:32

I love cards with photos - it makes it personal and special. In fairness, we have always done cards with pictures of the kids on them so I'm biased. But I think a wedding photo sounds lovely.

Just maybe don't put Merrily Married! Grin


Di11y · 29/11/2019 14:58

assuming cards are going mostly to older generation then lovely. I know my older rellies love a photo!


changeforprivacy · 29/11/2019 15:14

I would probably laugh

Sorry, but there is something a bit vain about it maybe?


kenandbarbie · 29/11/2019 15:48

Hmmm if you've already sent out thank you cards with a photo on them I wouldn't. Bit boring for everyone else at this stage, I'd think you were becoming a wedding bore.


Witchend · 29/11/2019 16:15

I think it's fine. I wouldn't hold on to the photo unless you were a close relative, but would love to have one if you were my friend.

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