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To ask how much you spend on OH's at Christmas?

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Tartanrug123 · 28/11/2019 21:35

Was chatting with a friend who intends on spending a few hundred on her partner. Other friend spends a lot less. Both have similar incomes. Just curious as to what people spend on average?

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youareasyoungasyoufeel · 28/11/2019 21:37


SweetSally · 28/11/2019 21:38

£50 up to £100 depends on how much money I feel like spending

redappleandaquamarinebow1987 · 28/11/2019 21:39

200-300 pounds because he roughly spends that much on me. We usually agree a budget for us both to stick to. Might spend a bit less this year as I just got him a laptop that he needed a month ago

speakout · 28/11/2019 21:40


Alarae · 28/11/2019 21:40

First couple of years it was around £200, reduced to £100 and last year it was £25.

Not set an actual limit this year but its only one gift, nothing expensive. I'm spending £40 but that's only because its the cost of the meat challenge platter I'm going to treat him to in our nearby BBQ restaurant.

Cornish2 · 28/11/2019 21:40

£50 unless there's something specific he wants.

isseywith4vampirecats · 28/11/2019 21:40

usually two gig tickets at around £60 each as Oh is hard to buy things for he has everything he needs or wants but does like live music, his present this year was hawkwind in mancheter a couple of weeks ago £120 altogether

PutOnYourDamnSocks · 28/11/2019 21:40

Fuck all. He hates surprises, I hate ungrateful fuckers so he gets nothing unless he buys it himself. I will, because i’m not a complete monster, wrap whatever he has bought himself.

Bickles · 28/11/2019 21:41

This year £200 but he asked for an expensive Lego set, I was intending to spend £100. These 44 year old boys and their toys Grin

isseywith4vampirecats · 28/11/2019 21:41

thats Manchester

Dazedandconfused10 · 28/11/2019 21:41

0 we have never done gifts. We don't really celebrate Christmas though

sqirrelfriends · 28/11/2019 21:42

About £500 this year. Is ridiculous, I know. We have been trying to spend less now DS is here but everything he likes is fairly expensive and it's a hard habit to break.

lilgreen · 28/11/2019 21:43

I don’t set a budget but it’s normally around £100. This year we’ve decided to jointly buy something for us. We’ve been married 23 years and have what we need.

Woopdewoop · 28/11/2019 21:43

We spend nothing. Really what’s the point? Christmas is being with family, kids getting presents, a few days off work and some nice food. We’d rather spend it on our home, holidays or children. We earn about £100k between us.

ParkheadParadise · 28/11/2019 21:45


GrannyBags · 28/11/2019 21:46

We buy token gifts (CD or DVD for example) as DS gets upset if he is opening presents and there is nothing for us. He helps choose so it’s more from him really.

Campurp · 28/11/2019 21:46

I never have a set limit so it depends on what he’s asked for. This year I’ve bought him a nice pair of slippers and new cologne which cost about £130 total... I’ll probably get him another item closer to Christmas. I’ve spent more in him some years, and less others.
He’s spending £400 on something I’ve asked for (electronic).

Beansprout30 · 28/11/2019 21:48

Erm, a tenner usually. We don’t do gifts for each other but sometimes go out for a meal instead. This year he’s getting a Keyring with our girls pics on ha!

BlackSwanGreen · 28/11/2019 21:49

We don't have a set budget - it varies each year. This year we've agreed to buy ourselves a joint present (ie from both of us and to both of us!) of a piece of furniture we both like/want.

EnglishRose13 · 28/11/2019 21:49

I've bought him a box of chocolate gingerbread men from Hotel Chocolat that we're on 3 for £20.

The other two things aren't for him.

TheBestSpoon · 28/11/2019 21:50

£15. We have a reciprocal deal to just get token Christmas presents so we have something to unwrap with family. Budget went up from £10 to £15 a couple of years ago when the nice new slippers from Accessorize he normally gets me went up in price! But it's his birthday in early January and I'll spend a bit more on that (£50 to £100).

Pilot12 · 28/11/2019 21:50


speakout · 28/11/2019 21:51

I agree with token gifts- for all adults actually. If OH needs a new laptop then he would rather choose it himself- same with me any items- fancy stuff ( not really into anyway) but fragrance, gym gear, I would really rather choose my own.
All our earnings are pooled in one account anyway.

FastAway · 28/11/2019 21:53

£290 this year. It’s been more, it’s been less. Depends on what he wants and what I see to buy him.

He spends NOTHING on himself so always needs clothes, shoes etc so he’s easy to buy for.

ActualHornist · 28/11/2019 21:54

Around £40-50 each.

We buy stuff for ourselves year round, so when it comes to Christmas and birthdays we don't tend to get anything big. Also we can't really afford it!

(this year for example he's had a new TV and I've had a laptop so it's not like we scrimp particularly, we just spend more on the kids and food at Xmas!)

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