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Bread for breakfast (lighthearted)

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Sunflowersok · 28/11/2019 17:03

So my DSD caught me out the other morning. She’s a few year younger (6) than my DD and very inquisitive (like her dad!) constantly asking questions you can’t seem to answer and can’t understand why you can’t answer it.

So we woke up one morning at breakfast time. I say to them both...

“What would you like for breakfast? Porridge, cereal, toast...?”

My DD straightforwardly says toast.

DSD says.... “Bread please.”

I laugh and tell her she can’t just have a piece of bread for breakfast. She looks confused. She replies

“Yes, like two pieces of bread that’s buttered and put together.”

I tell her no and that’s a sandwich, she can’t have a sandwich for breakfast! She looks perplexed as to why she can’t have this.

We settle on toast.

When I was putting the bread in the toaster it then dawned on me that it was technically the same thing, and that maybe I was the unreasonable one for needing to toast the bread in the first place.

It amused me and my partner to no end!

Thoughts? Grin

OP posts:
MoMandaS · 28/11/2019 17:06

YABU. You should try her with a toast sandwich! (Slice of toast between two buttered slices of bread.)

JassyRadlett · 28/11/2019 17:06

Yes. There really is no magic toaster chemistry that turns bread from ‘inappropriate for breakfast’ into ‘appropriate for breakfast’.

In other countries breakfast includes rolls, ham and cheese.Grin

Sunflowersok · 28/11/2019 17:10

I told my partner I’d feel like a bad parent if I just gave a child bread for breakfast I thought it was hilarious. But obviously, culturally, it would be weird. It proper tickled me.

Bread for breakfast it is Wink

OP posts:
dontalltalkatonce · 28/11/2019 17:11

I eat soup with a bread roll for breakfast if I have breakfast.

Sunflowersok · 28/11/2019 17:13

@donttalkatonce really? I know I have had left over take away and all sorts for breakfast myself. Could you give a child soup for breakfast though? Is that not bizarre?

OP posts:
iklboo · 28/11/2019 17:14

I love bread, meats and cheeses for breakfast with melon, grapes, strawberries etc and graze my way through it.

Sunflowersok · 28/11/2019 17:14

@MoMandaS that’s well funny! I might do this and just put it in front of them on Saturday morning and see what their response is Grin

OP posts:
StillCoughingandLaughing · 28/11/2019 17:17

I tell her no and that’s a sandwich, she can’t have a sandwich for breakfast! She looks perplexed as to why she can’t have this.

She’s not the only one. Why can’t she have exactly that?

Difficultcustomer · 28/11/2019 17:18

I prefer really nice bread untoasted with butter.

Scarlettpixie · 28/11/2019 17:22

Why can’t age have what she wants?! No wonder she was perplexed. It’s the same as toast and bitter without the toasting :)

Scarlettpixie · 28/11/2019 17:22

Butter! Gahhh

Sunflowersok · 28/11/2019 17:23

@StillCoughingandLaughing I have no idea why she can’t have this. I just thought it was really weird! Like giving a child pizza for breakfast or an ice lolly - I just wouldn’t.

But of course the more I thought about it the more I thought ‘hang on, why do I think this isn’t appropriate?’

I think my first response was that it wasn’t nourishing and then I realised neither is a piece of toast!

My partners thoughts were exactly the same he wouldn’t just automatically give a child a piece of bread for breakfast.

Funny isn’t it!

OP posts:
SnorkMaiden81 · 28/11/2019 17:23

You told her she couldn't have bread for breakfast and then proceeded to give her bread for breakfast Grin

Sunflowersok · 28/11/2019 17:27

@SnorkMaiden81i know! Fool is I! Hmm

I’ve just messaged my partner now about these responses and he just said ‘because it’s not breakfast food!!’

OP posts:
danmthatonestakentryanotheer · 28/11/2019 18:01

What's wrong with having raw toast for breakfast?

Sexnotgender · 28/11/2019 18:03

People are weird about what you can and can’t have for breakfast!

captainprincess · 28/11/2019 18:09

@MoMandaS that sounds MAGICAL

ColdRainAgain · 28/11/2019 18:13

My youngest has bread with butter and marmite for breakfast pretty much every day.

TheCanyon · 28/11/2019 18:14

My dd 9 has been having buttered bread for breakfast the last couple of weeks. Before that it was a cheese sandwich. Everyone else has 'normal' breakfasts.

adaline · 28/11/2019 18:19

I used to love bread and butter as a child, I'd happily have eaten it three meals a day if I was given the chance!

But then again I happily eat leftover pasta or pizza at breakfast, or soup, or whatever else. I don't feel the need to have toast/cereal/porridge for breakfast just because society has decided that's what's acceptable.

NoSquirrels · 28/11/2019 18:19

I’m not a big fan of toast, and definitely not with sweet stuff on it.

Fresh bread, proper butter and honey or jam, however, is delicious.

Bread, butter, ham or cheese and fresh tomato is also delicious. I’d have that as an ‘open’ sandwich.

Totally proper breakfast food if you ask me!

CabbagePatchKids · 28/11/2019 18:21

My DS loves a sandwich for breakfast. He favourite is a bread sandwich which is just 2 slices of bread eaten together. No butter.
It's not exactly unhealthy and like you say no different to toast!

My rule is if it's not unhealthy let them have it. Actually my DS had veggie pasta for breakfast the other day too, which is much healthier than cereal!

Kanga83 · 28/11/2019 18:33

My DH looks at me as if I am made when I microwave a sweet potato and add nut butter and dates on it for breakfast but it's gorgeous and filing. I too love bread for breakfast, or a banana in a tortilla wrap which also gets weird looks. My eldest loves cream cheese and breadsticks for breakfast and my youngest has before demanded pasta. Its just another meal, whatever sets you up for the day.

Bigredumbrella · 28/11/2019 18:48

One of mine had a tuna & sweetcorn sandwich for breakfast this morning. Food is food have whatever you like for breakfast lunch or dinner.

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