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To think that you must be pretty dumb to still be unaware by now (or be a hermit)

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Sloeginclub · 28/11/2019 13:24

How can anybody still claim to be unaware of climate, plastic pollution, species extinction issues by now? Are there people who have zero access to modern life out there? Genuine question. Media of all types, TV, radio, internet, social media, adverts for products, ads in shops, kids learning in schools and colleges, politicians (!) , info we get through door from local council, its everywhere! Taking personal action or not is another matter and a whole other thread but claiming to KNOW nothing about any of it? I don't understand that.

OP posts:

AnneLovesGilbert · 28/11/2019 13:27

Not a thread title that’s going to inspire civil debate.


Stressedout10 · 28/11/2019 13:29

Ah you've been talking to my sister then


Sloeginclub · 28/11/2019 13:30

Fair point. I suppose I'm not seeking debate as such, just to understand a bit more how some people are still unaware.

OP posts:

Ftumch · 28/11/2019 13:30

Who is claiming not to know anything about it? Perhaps provide some context for your rant if you want people to engage with you?


Kazzyhoward · 28/11/2019 13:30

Everyone is aware - they just expect everyone else to do something about it, not them, and plead ignorance when challenged.


Sloeginclub · 28/11/2019 13:34

Stressedout10 - why do you think she doesn't know then? No access to media? I can undersand people with lots going on in their life to NOT be bothered enough to take action ( I know people like that - eg an alcoholic friend whose life is falling apart - their carbon footprint is not a high priority understandably) .

OP posts:

Sloeginclub · 28/11/2019 13:35

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AntennaReborn · 28/11/2019 13:43

We have a relative who claims that climate change is "baloney". Why? Because the Express says so He also derives a lot of other problematic opinions from the Express and won't be talked out of any of them.

Sadly, he dutifully votes at every election.

It baffles me too OP. I overheard someone at work the other day express surprise at the new measures put in place in the building to reduce plastic use "what IS IT with plastic at the moment??" . When one of her co-workers explained that plastic is a huge environmental concern, she had no idea. She is in a white collar job, degree educated, and on a salary band that should make it very affordable to own a TV, access the Internet, or buy newspapers. Yet she had no idea. Hmm


Ftumch · 28/11/2019 13:49

A lot of people just dont have it on their radar, they're not interested and don't see it as being relevant to them.
A lot of people know and don't give a shit.
It's really up to governments to ensure that there are laws in place to prevent further damage to the environment imo.


Bourbonbiccy · 28/11/2019 14:05

My FIL is extremely intelligent and come out with "I don't believe climate change is a thing. We have always had extreme changes in seasons and disasters due to weather" He also mentions the ice age and so on as "evidence" of how things have happened previously.

I am pretty speechless at times.


Stressedout10 · 28/11/2019 14:19

She just doesn't give a shit and tunes out whenever anyone talks about it and changes the tv channel etc . I think she actively chooses to be ignorant because it would be inconvenient to do anything about it


ALongHardWinter · 28/11/2019 18:00

I think that the vast majority of people ARE aware of it,it's just that some of them don't actually believe it,so see no reason to change their ways. And if they DO believe it,they choose to nothing about it. They expect everyone else to,while they keep on in their own sweet way.


Hellofromtheotherside2020 · 28/11/2019 21:37

I think people have different priorities too. Like some are super aware of their own plastic consumption and will do what they can to cut down on plastics used. They'll then regularly use their car or fly abroad.

There'll be people who bike everywhere as they're conscious of their carbon footprint, but they'll eat meat and be more relaxed on their plastic consumption.

There'll be vegans who drink water only from a plastic bottle and use disposable cutlery at every meal. They'll fly around the world with a huge carbon footprint but will only ever buy ethical and fair trade foods.

Everyone has different priorities. I suppose that's a good thing as each problematic area will have people fighting and striving to do better in that particular area. I don't think there are many of us who are perfect, all we can do, is do our little bit and hope that it contributes to a better world.

There of course will always be some people so ignorant and too self important that they will not even consider any ways they can improve or contribute to improving the world. It could be lack of education or it could be lack of care, who knows.


Babybel90 · 28/11/2019 21:56

I know about it, I believe it, I just don’t care. I can’t tell you why I don’t care, I’ve just got more important things going on in my life to put my energy into.


AwkwardFucker · 28/11/2019 23:48

I know about it, I do what I can, I could make more of an effort though.

What gets me is when people are super preachy and judgemental about it. It makes me want to buy more plastic tbh and post about it all over FB. Blush

I have a relative who is so vocal about it. Will be outright rude if you dare buy a plastic water bottle. The irony? She flies long haul on extravagant holidays multiple times a year. Those in glass houses and all...


SilverySurfer · 29/11/2019 00:15

Well you could start with telling us about your life when you're not virtue signalling.

How many children do you have OP? - overpopulation is the planet's biggest problem - I have none.

How many cars do you have? - I have none

How many holidays do you take every year - I take none.

If you eat meat do you only buy free range - I do.

I know that plastic is a massive problem and have cut down as far as I am able.


7Days · 29/11/2019 00:23

I'm afraid tbh so try not to think about it. So I actively shut down conversations about it. Dont want to discuss it or think about it I'll probably hide this thread.

That doesn't mean I don't do what I can. Walk to school and the shop, half a mile only. Compost , moon cup, hand me downs, wildlife and veg gardening, reducing plastic waste. Haven't been on a plane in years and that was only short haul for a funeral. I have kids though and we eat meat.

Some people may come across as uncaring but in reality find it too upsetting to talk about.


safariboot · 29/11/2019 02:03

I agree. It's one thing to ignore or deny and carry on business as usual. But to be outright unaware that global warming and plastic pollution are seen as issues by a significant portion of people, businesses, and politicians - I think you'd have to be wilfully ignorant.


Flymetothetoon · 29/11/2019 02:10

I am aware but I don't need yet another lentle weaving fucking leftie to push it into my face


MzPumpkinPie · 29/11/2019 02:19

My youngest DC is 10 and essentially non verbal.
We understand the sounds he makes , he knows a few signs and can say no, go, mama , dada and car clearly.
Multiple disabilities and not a well boy.
His cognitive age is less than a year old and we've taught him what goes in the recycling bins in the kitchen and he loves doing it.
It's his favourite game and he always gets it right.
Basically what I'm saying if he can understand and actually recycle then nobody in this country has an excuse not to do it but I see normal wheelie bins over flowing with recyclable rubbish constantly and we live in an affluent area , where most people are well educated.
We started off by making small changes.
Growing a bit of veg and herbs.
Planting seeds that attract bees, butterflies and other insects ( it was absolutely beautiful all spring & summer , up until October) to create a garden wildflower meadow.
My husband and kids eat meat but we now have vegan meals 3 times a week.
I've been vegetarian for almost 40 years.
All in season organic fruit and veggies etc
No palm oil . Solar panels for the house and for my sons hydrotherapy pool outside ( except it means he can't use it during the winter now sadly)
We will keep on making changes.
The car is the worst offender but it's needed for taking the youngest to his sen school and multiple medical appointments, plus husband to work.
We car share now though and sold the second car.
The next car will be electric, however one that suits our needs and has the space for wheelchairs and hoists does not exist yet.


puds11 · 29/11/2019 02:20

!!! Genuine Question !!!!

Those of you who aren’t fussed / fed up of hearing about it, did extinction rebellion and the antics associated with it aid your lack of interest?

I am very concerned, sold my car, reduced plastic massively blah blah blah but am convinced extinction rebellion has done more harm than good. They pissed me right off and I don’t need convincing.


Endspeciesism · 29/11/2019 02:40

People don’t have the personal strength to face up to it and realise they need to change. Humans are very disconnected from the earth and themselves. Also, look at how most people treat animals. It’s almost Xmas and most of human animals sit around being festive while eating a corpse of a murdered bird. Vile.


MzPumpkinPie · 29/11/2019 02:46

These are the only birds that will be getting stuffed here at Christmas.
Stuffed full of defrosted frozen peas , kale and other duck and goose delicacies.
All of them are my babies. Especially Crixus the goose who thinks he's a puppy.
No bird corpses being eaten now or ever.

Oh that whole extinction rebellion thing has become too OTT.
They've pissed too many ordinary people off and now if you care about our planet some think you are a bloody eco terrorist.
I'm not preachy at all but they haven't helped in my opinion.

To think that you must be pretty dumb to still be unaware by now (or be a hermit)

BillHadersNewWife · 29/11/2019 03:20

I HATE the word "dumb" it has disabalist connotations and who are you to judge anyone's intelligence?? Adults and children who struggle with learning have ENOUGH challenges in life without the casual use of words like that.


Littlemeadow123 · 29/11/2019 03:32

People play dumb or pretend it isn't happening because that way they dont have to get off their bone idle arse and do something about it.

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