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Disneyland 4 Times in a year

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Floopyandtired · 27/11/2019 22:48

I’m just being a total bitch probably, but a woman I know has just posted on Facebook that she’s taking her children (aged 2 and 4) to Disneyland Paris tomorrow and this will be the fourth time they’ve been in the last year. AIBU to think that’s obscene and wasted on such young children.

FWIW they’re not particularly well off, without giving too much away they are both civil servants.

OP posts:
Strawberrypancakes · 27/11/2019 23:14

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Floopyandtired · 27/11/2019 23:16

To be fair my 2 year old is still fascinated with unloading the dishwasher so Disneyland would be like... well, Disneyland!

OP posts:
alwayscrashinginthesamecar1 · 27/11/2019 23:20

We went twice one year as we had annual passes. It was fab and my son still talks about it [he's 18 now]. What's it to you anyway?

Bowerbird5 · 27/11/2019 23:26

We took my 14, 12, 5 and 2 year old to DLP just after it opened on the way back from a four campsite holiday in France. They absolutely loved it. DD walked almost all the time in fact I don’t remember taking the buggy in to Disneyland. Mind you this was a child who walked the length of Ullswater, Lake District at 2.5. DH took the two bigger ones and some of the time the three boys while I had the younger two or just DD and there were no mobile phones with us either. We had a great day out and we took the younger two back one Halloween week for a day as we were in Paris for a week. DD was five and DS 10.He then went on the rides his big brothers had gone on previously.

Apart from passes they might have a relation that works there. A girl I know worked in Disneyland in America for a couple of years and could get free tickets for her family. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone a weekend holiday. Good luck to them.

gluteustothemaximus · 27/11/2019 23:27

Few years ago we got an annual pass, really cheap travel and accommodation and did it 3 times in one year.

Best holidays ever. Talk about them so fondly.

Could not do it again as money etc but at the time we had enough money and so very glad we did it. So many happy memories.

ThatsMeInTheSpotlight · 27/11/2019 23:36

I thought I was going to hate Disneyland Paris but actually it was fab. DC loved it and there weren't massive queues. We had fast track tickets.

OP I think you should ask if you can go along next time Wink You'll come back with a season pass and a set of Mickey ears.

StarClaws · 27/11/2019 23:39

AIBU to think that’s obscene and wasted on such young children

Obscene in what way? Surely they can spend their money however the eff they please?

A 4-year-old can definitely appreciate disneyland, and i'm sure a 2-year-old would too. Seems to me like it would be extremely boring going so often, but again, it's their choice isn't it? If they all enjoy it, what does it have to do with me.

YABU for caring so much how other people choose to live their lives, OP.

Footiefan2019 · 27/11/2019 23:40

Tbh people that live in Florida or even a short flight or long drive away go to Disneyworld all the time. Some people just go after school. Also Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. People have birthdays there, random days out. It’s not unheard of to have annual passes etc. Paris really isn’t that far from the UK especially if you live on the south coast!

StarClaws · 27/11/2019 23:41

My 2-year-old watched the same film every day for 6 months and still loved it. So I'm pretty sure Disneyland once every few months would quite easily retain the excitement factor!

Footiefan2019 · 27/11/2019 23:41

Also yes to the relative thing. There are tons of British staff there especially performers and it’s not uncommon for them to get free or reduced tickets for family and friends regularly

GrumpyHoonMain · 27/11/2019 23:44

You can often do Eurodisney in a weekend and maybe they find that easier than going for one long holiday somewhere else at this age.

SheOfManyNames · 28/11/2019 00:00

So what? Disneyland can be cheap if you get a good deal. We went once for a very good price (I can't remember exactly what it was, but the offer was something like 5 nights for the price of 3 + a % off the whole thing including train and hotel and park entry).

Stephminx · 28/11/2019 00:00

We have passes and go twice a year to Florida. My eldest from 2 and she remembered it the next time - even where the rides were etc...

She loved the rides, but absolutely adored meeting the characters who are all amazing with the kids, staying in character etc...

Out of interest, have you been ? There’s loads for little kids to do. Particularly the magic kingdom park (over say Hollywood studios although she loved the storm troopers too oddly - maybe the marching ?).

AcrossthePond55 · 28/11/2019 00:05

Grew up in So California and 4 times a year wasn't unusual. My sons are grown and I still go at least twice a year.

It's no skin off your nose how much she, or I, go. You aren't paying for her trips, are you?

LGY1 · 29/11/2019 14:33

Definitely has annual passes. Annual passes start at the same price as a 4 day ticket.
After that it’s just travel & hotel to pay for.
We have Infinity annual passes and go very regularly.
We stay offsite in Serris in an apartment or an Airbnb. Get the ferry & either eat offsite, visit the supermarket or eat from the local bakery.
Apart from a couple of nights in an apartment, no more expensive than being at home!!

Greenglassteacup · 29/11/2019 14:36

I don’t understand the appeal of Disneyland at all, or centre parks or all inclusive hotels in hot places etc. People doing these things has no impact on me so crack on

Havaina · 29/11/2019 14:39

jealous bitch sulks in corner with wine while DP says I told you so...

everything is for show, you know?

Like you telling us you’re drinking wine, you mean? Isn’t that just superfluous information for show?

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