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Selfish neighbours

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Rosebel · 26/11/2019 21:45

Every single Friday night our neighbour insists on playing loud music (well maybe it's not that loud but we're semi detached). Normally I wouldn't care but I have to go to work on Saturday at 4:30 in the morning. It goes on until about 11:30. I did speak to them once nicely and it stopped for a couple of weeks but started again.
I'm tempted to be petty and be really noisy Saturday morning in the hope they realise how selfish they're being. Would you be pissed off?

OP posts:
AllergicToAMop · 26/11/2019 23:52

I coughed one day and neighbour asked me next day if I am ill.
The building standard here would require a freaking whisper to not to be heard🤷

You cannot have absolute silence in a semi here. You cannot demand it in a same way neighbour cannot demand freedom to make excessive noise.
11:30 is not too late on Friday. Especially since it is not even THAT loud.

Kudos to OP for taking the YABU on a chin!Star

theEnglishInPatient · 27/11/2019 00:05

Move to a detached or live with it.
or just behave accordingly, and don't be afraid to start cooking your breakfast at 4am, cleaning at 6am when you are around... it goes both ways.

Noisy inconsiderate twats who think making noise at 11:30pm don't seem to be so happy about "normal noise" when it's 5 or 6 am...

Gingaaarghpussy · 27/11/2019 00:12

What about those of us (sad as it is) who cant use earplugs because we have ishoos with agonising pain when something is inserted into our ear canal?
Feather pillows have been used here to minimise noise, but not everyone can use them.
I thought 11pm was the cut off point.

Rosebel · 27/11/2019 21:52

Unfortunately can't use earplugs as. I need to be able to hear my daughter if she wakes. Like said I accept I'm being unreasonable, probably pregnancy hormones mean it's getting to me more than usual. Oh and I'd love to move to a detached house but unless you are going to pay for it, it's not happening.

OP posts:
Mushypeasandchipstogo · 27/11/2019 21:57

Gosh there are some selfish people on this thread. 11.30 is late and if you have thin walls you don’t put your music on loud anyway.

Luscinia · 27/11/2019 22:10

It doesn't matter what time it is, if you can hear it then it's anti-social behaviour. You can call environmental health at the council and see what they can do.

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