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To ask you if you have a budget and how you stick to it?

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Titsntats · 26/11/2019 14:42

Currently have separate spending money as no kids or anything, but looking to combine in the near future when we start looking to buy somewhere.

I have quite a bit of debt from my younger years (partner is aware) and I am desperately trying to pay it off. I pay rent, a share of bills, a small amount of car finance, a loan and a credit card. I have ended my phone contract and now do pay as you go to pay a very small amount for what I need. We buy minimal amounts of food shopping to see us through each week. I use around £80 of fuel a month to commute to work (can’t use public transport as travelling from one remote village to another both with no bus routes). We don’t go out or do anything for fun. DP recently went self employed but currently on a long term, full time project for a set amount of money each month, so he isn’t any better off than me and some months I actually earn more than him.

It is just such a miserable way of life, and I am really struggling to see how it will get any better. I try to budget each month to allow for paying off my debts, but only meeting the minimum payments isn’t taking them down very quickly, and every month I end up in my overdraft. I have a decent credit score but am unable to consolidate as nowhere will accept me. Please tell me it will get better Sad

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Surfskatefamily · 26/11/2019 19:25

My household is me husband and toddler. He gets weekly wages and we also get universal credit. All of that goes into a bills account all month we dont touch it.

1st of every month out Bill's go out by direct debit or standing order.

Whatever is left we then take food and petrol money out in cash and put that in 4 envelopes (to be opened a quarter a half and 3 quarter way through the month)

Remaining we take about 80 to 100 each for personal spending and if any left over it goes as overpayments on debts or into savings


PooWillyBumBum · 26/11/2019 19:27

We use a budget system called You Need A Budget. Every time you get paid you allocate it to different pots. After a few years doing it we have substantial savings, always budget for next month with this months money (we are a month ahead) and save for Christmas, Insurances etc in advance. Life is so much less stressful and we never argue about money.


MrOnionsBumperRoller · 26/11/2019 19:50

Ebay? I've been Ebaying clothes i no longer wear (due to becoming a fat lump) and am making a tidy sum. Always post recorded delivery mind and DO NOT 'reinvest' your profits on Ebay 😁.Use half your profit on getting your debt down and half for fun?


PooWillyBumBum · 26/11/2019 20:00

Have you talked to StepChange?


Redwinestillfine · 26/11/2019 20:12

I also highly recommend you need a budget. I have used it for about 5 years. Absolutely worth it.


Kayyy · 26/11/2019 20:30

I would definitely reccomend this


Heymummee · 26/11/2019 20:34

I’ve tried apps and didn’t get on with them, I know they really do help a lot of people though.
My bills all come out within the first 5 days after I’ve been paid so that once they’re gone the money I have left is for food shopping, some spending money and any other bits that crop up.
I spend roughly the same each week on food shopping. I meal plan and stick to my list, never go shopping when I’m hungry and i write the meal plan down so everyone knows what we are eating and when.
I withdraw cash for the month and split it into envelopes to cover each week’s food shopping.
I have a spending money envelope and do not spend on my card. It’s easier for me to keep track of cash.
I put all of my receipts back in the corresponding envelope.
I’ve recently spoken to step change for debt help as my monthly repayments were unsustainable and they gave me great advice.


Redwinestillfine · 26/11/2019 20:53

Well money in envelopes is a type of budgeting but if you don't also have envelopes for everything you need to spend money on -including paying off debts over the minimum, saving for car repairs, mot, service, clothes, subscriptions, dentist appointments, haircuts, prescriptions, ' fun money', gifts, food etc etc. The budgeting tools just make the envelopes bonline so it's easier to redistribute money when for example your car needs 2 new tyres and you only have enough in the car repay envelope for one. You then need to take money from another envelope to make up for it. Glad you're involving step change. I hope things get easier soon op.

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