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To REALLY miss 2009/2010

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caravanette · 26/11/2019 06:38

10 yrs ago I had a crush on a pop star and joined this forum where the fans all talked about him online. I got speaking online - albeit anonymously to different people worldwide and it was great. We weren't teenagers btw - forum was all adult women with one or two men. Also what I loved 10 yrs ago was going on this pop stars MySpace and connecting and making friends with his various fans there. In 2010 I then reconnected with many of my real life friends through SM and looking back it's almost as if this pop star online presence paved the way for my real life relationships - the latter were not known fans of this pop star just to be clear ... but I think the online pop fan friends did pave the way for my more fulfilling real life relationships so I look in this as a very important foundation.
Now it's all collapsed like a house of cards. The pop star in question has twitter and IG but it's not the same - it's just a promo for tix for his forthcoming shows and some old concert photos with people commenting underneath. I feel I've lost my online community!!!!!
I lost an important real life relationship too and still love this person......


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caravanette · 26/11/2019 06:39

Just to clarify his forum crashed and obviously MySpace has gone to hell in a handcart!!!!

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