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Anyone else's DC wanting to go on the climate strike event this Friday?

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ReanimatedSGB · 25/11/2019 21:55

And are you going to let them/go with them? DS is 15 and in Year 10 and he is talking about going.
On one hand, I think he is entitled to hold and express political views. He's been on a few Stop Brexit marches with me. I think a day out of school to attend a demo is reasonable.

On the other hand, how volatile is this one going to be? He is HFA so we have been talking about whether he will cope on his own or not. I have suggested that he can go if some of his classmates are going but I am reluctant to agree to him going absolutely by himself.

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BlackeyedSusan · 26/11/2019 08:42

It is inset day here so maybe wander down and look?

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