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To be less than impressed with this bank experience?

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Newaccount · 25/11/2019 21:16

At the weekend popped into local bank with my bf to open a joint account. I know that on MN joint accounts are the work of the devil etc but it's an account for expenses etc for us to avoid us constantly splitting bills when we go out etc, allow us to save for holidays etc (we'll put £100 each into it a month, and still have our own accounts).

Anyway so there's no one to see us right then, but they can see us in 90 mins. We go off and do some shopping and return just over 90 mins later. Wait another 30 mins to be seen. So 2 hours...

We then spend about 10 mins maybe opening the account. All pretty quick and straightforward. Great.

Except they forget to return my ID at the end (and I was rushing as we needed to get home so forgot it myself).

Anyway, got a phonecall about half an hour later telling me they had it and to come in and collect. I couldn't go back there and then, so I went back in today. Asked to take a seat and they'd bring it to me.

Waited another half an hour. Eventually ran out of time and patience and asked what was going on... apparently it got locked away by the manager who wasn't in today and they didn't know where it was. When I went up they were literally emptying a desk pedestal full of biros and envelopes apparently looking for it Hmm

They're going to call me when if they find it. No call as yet.

AIBU to think this is pretty poor service? Bf is with this bank already and generally has praise for them but even he admits it wasnt a great experience.

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Cheeserton · 26/11/2019 07:48

They forgot to give it back to you? Why didn’t you ask right away rather than rushing of?

Intelligent question that - why didn't you just not forget? Perhaps, because she forgot?

So you forgot your ID

Well obviously. That was explained. You're on fire here. I think the issue is the bank then locking it up somewhere random and not accessible to staff inviting her to come collect it. Which you could probably have figured out.

Newaccount · 26/11/2019 07:48

I didn't know you could open a joint account online as we looked at several banks all of which said in person only.

Metro in their ads/ site clearly say don't book an appointment just call in - theyre open 7 days a week.

I don't know if I'd say weekends were their busiest time...when we went in there were 5 visible members of staff, 1 with a customer, 1 on the desk, 3 milling about. Yesterday exactly the same.

Also a bank of all places should have a clear procedure about where items are kept. They shouldn't be rooting yjrpugh drawers because they don't know where it is.

OP posts:
golightlytoday · 26/11/2019 07:51

Open a Monzo account. To get a joint account you just request it and click a few things in app and cards arrive 48 hours later.

BrightYellowDaffodil · 26/11/2019 08:09

For those saying “You should have booked an appointment” Metro don’t let you (or they didn’t used to anyway).

Newaccount · 26/11/2019 08:36

Places like Monzo require you already to have an account with them, which we don't (and the banks we are with all required personal attendance for a joint account which is how we ended up going in...)

OP posts:
Lauren83 · 29/11/2019 07:08

Did anyone manage to find an online back to open a joint account that doesn't require you to go in branch?

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