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Deminism · 25/11/2019 20:35

Having a red nose from blowing it all week with the mother of all colds, I am yearning for the good old days of cotton hankies. AIBU to start using them again? I have a talcum powder pouffe as well so this may be the beginning (or even the middle) of the end...

OP posts:
Sewrainbow · 25/11/2019 20:46

I use them! Had all my Nan's when she died too, much more eco friendly than tissues

NannyR · 25/11/2019 20:48

I use them, I haven't bought paper tissues for years.

TinklyLittleLaugh · 25/11/2019 20:50

We all use them in our house. So much kinder to your nose and better for the environment.

circleorsquare · 25/11/2019 20:50

I'd like to use them as I blow my nose a lot but can't stand the idea of washing them! Hypocritical as my children had cloth nappies and I didn't think twice about washing them Confused

SisyphusHadItEasy · 25/11/2019 20:50

I use them too - definitely go for it.

TheCountessofFitzdotterel · 25/11/2019 20:52

I use them. Nothing like a freshly ironed hanky, and the time I spend ironing them is the time I have saved not having to pick little bits of tissue out of a whole load of laundry when one has been left in a pocket.

lexloofah · 25/11/2019 20:56

Hankies much better than tissues, one of the things I love about DH is that he always has a hanky in his pocket, need to get DS into the habit now. Good stocking filler too! I would be delighted to get some lovely hankies

EskewedBeef · 25/11/2019 21:00

DH always carries a hanky or two and they're so bloody useful, I really should carry them myself. They get washed with the towels and flannels.

MereDintofPandiculation · 25/11/2019 21:00

but can't stand the idea of washing them! as long as the wash is hot enough, there's zero chance of any residue.

starryeyed19 · 25/11/2019 21:01

Hankies here too

BennyTheBall · 25/11/2019 21:03


The thought of blowing your nose and then putting it back in your pocket!

carrots555 · 25/11/2019 21:04

No, as then you'd get snot in your pocket.

Yuck yuck yuck.

managedmis · 25/11/2019 21:04


ShinyMe · 25/11/2019 21:08

I love nice cotton hankies. I have loads that were my grandparents'. My grandad's are lovely and huge cotton things, really soft and nice. My granny's are useless - all tiny, delicate little things with pretty embroidery. Lovely, but utterly useless.

One of my colleagues saw them once and said I was revolting and disgusting and they were pretty much the worst thing she could think of.

cheeserolls · 25/11/2019 21:11

There is a difference between blowing thick cold type snot (sorry!) and a runny nose as a result of cold weather etc

For the latter a hanker chief sounds like a great idea.

BennyTheBall · 25/11/2019 21:15

One of my colleagues saw them once and said I was revolting and disgusting and they were pretty much the worst thing she could think of.

Was that me? Grin

They turn my stomach.

circleorsquare · 25/11/2019 21:16

@cheeserolls that's a good point, I also get lots of nose bleeds which wouldn't be that good for a hanky! I'll get some for general nose dribble not winter snot!!!

JuniperSling · 25/11/2019 21:20

DP's friend uses them. Makes me want to throw up every time I see him blow his nose and put it back in his pocket.

TinklyLittleLaugh · 25/11/2019 21:23

Well a big gungey blow is loo roll and straight down the bog. But for that watery drips stuff that you mop every thirty seconds until your nose is red raw, you can’t beat a proper hanky.

bridgetreilly · 25/11/2019 21:33

YANBU! Cath Kidston sells lovely big ones. Much better for the environment as well as your nose.

Footle · 26/11/2019 06:13

Hot wash plus, good grief, ironing.. is that so great for the environment?

toomuchtooold · 26/11/2019 06:23

Mine go in with my towels so it's not like I need to do a separate wash.

I love them. My dad gave me a bunch of his when I had whooping cough at 13. Whe you're wiping your nose every five minutes for a bloody month, paper hankies are just too rough.


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Countryescape · 26/11/2019 08:25

Yuck!!! They are disgusting! Bacteria ridden moist cloth in my pocket all day? No thanks!!

AloeVeraLynn · 26/11/2019 08:30

Gross! How can it possibly be hygienic to blow your nose and then keep the snot in your pocket?

Celticrose · 26/11/2019 08:43

My mum and DH use them. Am looking for some for my mum at the moment. Got some last year in M & S. Though DH also uses those Kleenex balsam. Apparently they produce less dustHmm

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