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Tell me what you think about weird feet

22 replies

SlimlineTonics · 25/11/2019 20:08

So if a man/woman had a weird thing on their foot, say, an extra toe, a missing toe, webbed toes etc, would you still want to date them if you liked their looks, personality...?

OP posts:

SquareAsABlock · 25/11/2019 20:24

That's a slightly odd question...


Pinkyrosie · 25/11/2019 20:26

Yes of course. No one is perfect


Holidaycountdown · 25/11/2019 20:30

One of my friends has webbed toes (the 2nd and 3rd, both feet). His feet however are clean smooth and hairless, and infinitely more attractive that some of the grim feet I see at the rugby club I work no, in itself it wouldn’t bother me at all, bad hygiene and self care would.


BoomZahramay · 25/11/2019 20:30

I would crack on, personally, as I think feet are disgusting anyway. Why not add webbed toes, etc? Wouldn't turn me off any more than feet already do.


SteeperThanHell · 25/11/2019 20:33

Nothing wrong with webbed toes nothing to see here


MrsExpo · 25/11/2019 20:38

My DH has the weirdest feet ever ..... the rest of him is ok Smile. It hasn’t stopped me being married to him for 17 years.

(Background .... when he was a small child, a large carthorse stood on his feet, breaking several bones in both and causing them to grow mis-shaped and deformed. They look awful, but don’t affect him and his day to day life in any way.)


BedraggledBlitz · 25/11/2019 20:38

Oh yes. The weirder the better I say.


millimollimandi · 25/11/2019 20:38

As your feet spend most of their time hidden why would you worry? Unless you have a toe-sucking fetish. Then it might be a bit weird... then again having an extra toe would add to the enjoyment surely?


iklboo · 25/11/2019 20:43

Yes. I'm not shagging their feet am I? (Even I'm not that weird).


SlimlineTonics · 25/11/2019 20:44

This is all great... thank you!

OP posts:

HerrenaHarridan · 25/11/2019 21:24

I would be into extra toes, webbed feet if they were attached to someone I was into.

I am drawn to anything thats a bit unusual. I am also into feet in a big way and it wouldn't put me off.

Some people do have quite visceral reactions to anything different.
It is wise to warn people if you will be hurt by a shocked reaction.

When we had pups two had hetrachromia and some people were so genuinely distressed by their eyes that they asked us to put them away when they came.

For me the opposite is true. Don’t hide your differences, show them off and revel in them!

I have alopecia. I don’t cover it up at all. In fact i regularly glitter or paint the bald patches to match my outfit.

Other people are often shocked by how I look and I have just had to learn to work with that.

Whatever it is that’s going on with your feet please learn to love them

Too many hours are wasted by women hating themselves and their bodies, it truly breaks my heart.

Im sure you are fucking fabulous and you and you definitely would even more fabulous if you believed you were.


raspberryk · 25/11/2019 21:28

All feet are weird and disgusting.


MrsToothyBitch · 25/11/2019 21:35

Wouldn't put me off. I'd be in there with the Palmers foot magic offering them a rub (as long as they were nicely kept).


SlimlineTonics · 25/11/2019 21:52

It didn’t bother my ex at all and I love him for that. I’ve always had a real hang up about it though. I’m starting to date again and history is repeating itself and I’m getting those feelings back that I’ll be looked at differently once I tell a new partner about it.

OP posts:

CSIblonde · 25/11/2019 21:59

Webbed wouldn't bother me but extra toe would be a bit... I don't know, if I knew them probably not, you'd get used to it I suspect. My BFF was totally weirded out that a guy had an extra v obvious nipple tho. She dumped him.


ironickname · 25/11/2019 22:02

I would be particularly interested in extra toes.


BedraggledBlitz · 25/11/2019 22:22

Ah in that case sorry for my dicky reply, honestly this wouldn't bother me!


SlimlineTonics · 25/11/2019 22:24

Thanks everyone. Feel so stupid at my age that this is still an issue for me!

OP posts:

HerrenaHarridan · 26/11/2019 00:33

It’s not stupid that’s you being hard on yourself again!

What about talking about it really openly early on so it doesn’t feel like a
Just casually mentioning as part of the getting to know you part of chatting. Maybe ask some leading questions to encourage them to share things that are unusual about them and then reciprocate with i have very unusual feet...


HerrenaHarridan · 26/11/2019 00:34

A thing


Nixee2231 · 26/11/2019 00:52

Since feet are hidden most of the time and you don't come into contact with them much, I think I would get used to it very quickly and it wouldn't bother me. To be honest if I were you, I wouldn't care to date anyone who would be bothered by it. Easier said than done ofc! But you deserve better, we all do.


Dita73 · 26/11/2019 04:29

I have a wonky toe on my right foot. It’s the toe next to the big one and it has a very noticeable bend at the top. My dad has the same,as did my Nan and my aunt. Luckily my husband doesn’t like feet in general so isn’t overly bothered about my freaky toe. My kids on the other hand are grossed out by it so if they are ever giving me grief,my sock comes off and I chase them round the room threatening to touch them with my freaky toe! You’ve never heard screaming like it,it’s brilliant!

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