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anyone doing the CIPD level 5 diploma?

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thisisatempname · 24/11/2019 23:21

Sorry but I didn't know where else to put this and I've been in tears all day. I really want to pass this course and hopefully use it to get away from my horrible current employer.

I submitted my first summative for the employment law assignment and failed it. I'm now terrified of failing a second time. You only get two submissions. I am with an online provider (won't name them in case they see this) and to be honest I've not had a good experience with them. I've passed all assignments so far except this one and the final DVP one to do.

the provider are available when it comes to taking your money, if you need any help or extra support, they don't reply or refuse.

The tutor for employment law is not willing to look over any drafts prior to resubmission. She is being really critical and damaged my confidence quite a bit.

One of the other tutors checked over several drafts before I resubmitted bu this one seemingly wont.

Has anyone done this assignment or is doing it and can offer some advice? I'm really fragile at the moment due to health problems and horrible workplace (all linked) and this kind of was the last straw today :(

I don't know how to reference case law - she said to do a table? is this for every answer? She was really critical of my grammar too and I am known as a spelling and grammar nerd! (maybe not so much on discussion forums but definitely when it comes to studying!)

Thank you for any tips etc

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Jellyhater · 25/11/2019 08:32

I’m doing a completely different L5 qualification and there are many ‘support’ groups on Facebook. I’d try there to see if there is similar for yours.

Good luck!

thisisatempname · 25/11/2019 18:37

yes but they are all useless. They are just saying read that book read this book and I'm already doing that.

Some of them are talking about copying their colleagues essays! I wish I could do that but I'm doing this course distance learning and I don't like my colleagues anyway!

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fromthefloorboardsup · 25/11/2019 18:53

I'm doing this and doing this module right now. Happy for you to PM me if you want?

(I'm also using an online provider but my tutor is a superstar!)

fromthefloorboardsup · 25/11/2019 18:54

(I also have an awful employer and am stressed out like mad so much solidarity with you!)

DorisDances · 25/11/2019 18:55

Deep breaths OP, you can do this. Have a look on the CIPD website - on the study guides page there is a freely available link to a PDF which sets out how to reference including legislation. In my experience, students fail employment law assignments because they don't cite the original legislation and sufficient relevant case law. They give an HR response rather than focusing on a legal one - so ground any recommendations you Have to make in terms if what the legislation states or the case law has determined. Your tutor should have given you feedback so you will need to demonstrate you have taken this on board.

Ar2685 · 25/11/2019 23:42

I'm currently doing the level 3 but I would imagine it would be the same. I failed both attempts on one particular assignment which there seemed to be very little support with. Student services arranged for a different assignment to be set and I passed that one. Email them and ask what happens if you get a NYP on both, I know it's a pain to complete an extra assignment but will take the pressure off if you're not panicking that it's game over.

thisisatempname · 26/11/2019 17:50

Thank you, I will look at the CIPD website and @fromthefloorboardsup I will try to PM you

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shellywelly1972 · 01/01/2020 20:04

Just about to start
My level 5 and after a learning buddy Grin

tealandteal · 01/01/2020 20:11

I am on my second assignment but haven't done that one. I used my level 3 to get away from a previous horrible job, but I started looking partway through the course and found the role I'm still in. Hope it helps you find an amazing job!

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