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To buy a write-off car (cat C or D)

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Crispedoff · 24/11/2019 20:50

Just that really, AIBU to buy a cat C or cat D car?

It would only be for 3k to run into the ground for 4 years and then sell on cheap/give to you get family member/scrap.

What do you think?

OP posts:
Oliversmumsarmy · 24/11/2019 23:34

I don’t think you should buy catergory S. I think that indicates a big problem.

I have a catergory D van.

Everything works fine.
The only issue is the body work around the van bit is a bit dinged.

I think category D is where they write off as the repair is more than the cars worth.

IndieTara · 24/11/2019 23:39

I bought a Cat C Focus nearly 3 yrs ago. It's still going fine, passed all it's MOT's with minimal costs. I bought it to run into the ground until I can afford a brand new at in another 2 yrs time

thesunwillout · 24/11/2019 23:44

Drive a cat c, have never had to inform insurance. It's road worthy.
Fixed door and bumper.
It's not very new but I've had no problems in 3 yrs.
Cost me 1k, instead of 3

Merryoldgoat · 24/11/2019 23:48

I have a CAT D Write off - I bought it 6 years ago for £3.5k m.

It’s an 52 plate with 77k on the clock currently.

It’s never given me a day of gip and I take it to the branded garage for its annual service which has never had any issues.

Cat D is just cosmetic damage and wouldn’t bother me.

I’d be a little more cautious with Cat C and would want a full history and independent inspection.

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