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AIBU to order Tesco shop when staying with relatives?

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greentomatos · 24/11/2019 14:36

Staying with family for 2 weeks starting next week. We have small children and they are older adults. Flying to see family so can't take much with us. AIBU to do a Tesco shop to be delivered to their house soon after we arrive? Would this be offensive? Otherwise I'll need them to drive me to the supermarket in the first day or so, or give them a list of things to get in for us, which seems rude. I expect they will do the main food shopping before we arrive, and we will likely buy them a big shop at the start of our 2nd week and we will take them out to dinner a couple of times, so meals are covered, this is more for milk for the kids, kids snacks, nappies, wipes, extra fruit (kids eat a few pieces a day) plus 'free from' food for my allergy child. I don't want to cause offence.

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greentomatos · 24/11/2019 14:40

Just to add, they don't have a shop within walking distance and not much in the way of public transport

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MIdgebabe · 24/11/2019 14:41

Well as long as you tell them and it make it clear that it's because you don't want to be a burden as they are being so kind hav8ng you to stay


WhereverIMayRoam · 24/11/2019 14:41

A delivery just appearing risk offence. The sensible thing would surely be to explain all that to them and ask if it’s ok.


DDiva · 24/11/2019 14:41

Not at all. I would let them know tho and put on some cake or wine or something for the hosts as a thank you treat.....


NearlySchoolTimeAgain · 24/11/2019 14:41

I do a click and collect shop. How close is the shop?

I wouldn't be in the least offended as a host though.


yy558 · 24/11/2019 14:44

I think you could probably wait until you get there to gauge the atmosphere? Otherwise it might be rude


Sparklingbrook · 24/11/2019 14:51

My main concern would be what’s their storage situation. If they have already filled their cupboards and fridge for your arrival where’s it all going to go?


greentomatos · 24/11/2019 14:55

It's mainly nappies and wipes - which will go in the guest bedroom with us.

They have loads of space so no storage concerns.

Thanks for the replies I will let them know beforehand and will add in a couple of bottles of wine, that's a good idea.

OP posts:

Veronicat · 24/11/2019 14:58

I would mention it to them as they are family and ask if they want anything themselves. I used to do this at my Mums as it saved having to cab it to a shop.


PeppermintPatty10 · 24/11/2019 15:08

I always do this and it works out well - even shampoos and toiletries so I don’t have to carry them. What is the alternative - mail a long list of things you need, for the hosts to buy? To me that feels a bit rude (I know it shouldn’t) so it’s much easier to buy it yourself send everything straight there. As PPs have said, nice to add in a couple of bottles of wine for the hosts.

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