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To expect a little respect?

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FairyOnTheChristmasTree · 20/08/2007 23:53

As some of you know I live with my mum who mostly I don't get on with and her nasty husband who came over this country and married my mum for a visa in my belief. He doesn't work and he completely uses her. Love is blind and all that.

I have been travelling and been unwell today so i'm really tired so at 10pm I went to get an early night. Every night my mothers husband goes online to speak to his family and friends back in his country in Eastern Europe. Thing is, even though he knows I am in bed early he chats so flipping loudly, almost shouting. This, I think is rude. He knows I am sleeping (or trying to) so why can't he lower the tone.

Then later my mum came upstairs for a shower, my god she was slamming around the house. At that point I was so frustrated. The guinea pig has been sent to my room so he is noisy too thru the night but it's not his fault bless.

I finally thought I'd get some peace when they went downstairs but no, the tv is blaring, he is chatting top note (almost shouting) to my mum and I just burst into tears. I f*cking hate this mother and he dick wank of a husband. I've just come on the net for a rant and to order some earplugs. Thanks for listening.

OP posts:

mamazon · 20/08/2007 23:56

you are not being unreasonable in wanting tehm to respect the fact you are trying to sleep but in fairness, you are living in your mothers house.
whatever reason your step father married your mother is none of your business really, if he makes your motehr happy then that is all that matters.

if you reallyhate it as much as you say can you not consider moving out? sorry i dont know your background


3Ddonut · 21/08/2007 00:11

fairy, you're tired, now you've offloaded all this crap you may find that you sleep well, hoping so for you....


EscapeFrom · 21/08/2007 00:45


It's your mum's house.

he is your mum's partner.

Presumably she wants him there more than she wants you there, and she is entitled to do this.

get onto Gumtree and look for rooms to rent

get to the estate agents and look at bedsits

get your local paper and look for a house share - take out an ad.

or just buy some earplugs.

I really don't mean to be unsympathetic, but if you spent as much time working towards getting out of that house as you do moaning about the (yes genuinely horrible) conditions in the house, you would be either

a) not there any more
b) too busy to give a crap.


fortyplus · 21/08/2007 01:24

The mum has a lovely romantic (handsome, maybe?) new husband.

She has a daughter she doesn't get on with who doesn't like her new husband.

Out of the goodness of her heart she allows the daughter to move back home.

The daughter moans that she's not happy??????

The mother needs to tell the daughter to grow up and find somewhere else to live.


Mhamai · 21/08/2007 01:42

Sorry fairy but this has been said to you time and time again, we have listened empathised, commiserated etc etc. Once and for all MOVE OUT NOW!


Mhamai · 21/08/2007 01:54

Ok I'll put it another way, I'm a single parent and sometimes ds 6 as sweet as his is bless his cotton socks drives me to despair but umm, guess what he's my ds and I'm obliged to put up with his tantrums, whinging moaning etc until he's a minimun of at least 18.

You on the other hand are over eighteen, you don't have kids and yes your mother may just be satan's right hand woman and her bloke his left hand man but shit or get off the pot!

If you need to talk about the issues of your mother and her lack of parenting, then I along with I'm sure plenty of other MN'rs that know the situation will I'n sure more than gladly come to your aid but once and for all will you just get the fuck out of there! Women, many women on this site have had to flee violent domestic situations.

You do not have kids, you sound like one big frightened one but for the love of god get out of there first and we will gladly help you along the way, sorry fairy but this will as I'm sure you alrady know is starting to fall on deaqf ears and that becomes a self fulfilling rohecy for you, ie no one cares but we do!

Just get bloomin out of there first!


Mhamai · 21/08/2007 02:09

Here is a last pledge and so God help me I've never promised this levl of support before but if you do take that frightening yet brave step to move out I promise I will be available as much as is humanly possible to lend an ear along the way.


Albus · 21/08/2007 02:14

Mhamai, I LOVE your John Irving quote, haven't heard it in years. It is one of the best.
Sorry, hijack over.


twinsetandpearls · 21/08/2007 02:31

I have just read some of your old threads and you seem to be have been trying to move out for at least a year. You really do need to move out, perhaps a flat of your own is too ambitious and you should look for shared accomodation, I spent my first few years after graduating in shared accomodation and loved it.


twinsetandpearls · 21/08/2007 02:31

But I ahve quoted you the price of your blackpoo, taxi on the other thread


Tortington · 21/08/2007 06:48

no more sympathy here - move out. its their house. if had a visitor who stopped with me - i would acomodate them as best i could. but i do not tippy toe around my own children, never have and never will.

move the fuck out.


LazyLineLegilimens · 21/08/2007 07:47

Have you considered that maybe they are doing this stuff on purpose to get you to move out?

It is unreasonable of you to complain about them being too noisy in their own house. You cannot use the issue of this new man to hide the fact that you shouldn't be living there any more!


LoveAngel · 21/08/2007 07:51

Move out. End of.

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