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To let dd sleep on the floor?

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Oooeeeooooooahhh · 23/11/2019 22:15

My DD is 5. She has refused to get into her bed 3 nights now because there is a teddy missing and has insisted on sleeping on the floor instead. My mum is horrified I am letting her. Aibu to pick my battles?

OP posts:

goldface · 23/11/2019 22:17

Have you tried to help her find the teddy?


Oooeeeooooooahhh · 23/11/2019 22:18

It's missing because brother has accidently ripped an arm off and it's at grandma's house for an emergency arm reattachment.

OP posts:

ActualHornist · 23/11/2019 22:20

I would. I don't like to fight at bedtime and you can make it nice a cozy on the floor till Ted is back.


runoutofideasnow · 23/11/2019 22:20

Is grandma that's repairing it your mum?

If so, tell her to get a move on then. Or do it yourself I suppose? Why is it taking 3 nights?

I'd probably try to convince her to sleep in her bed or have her in with you.


cardibach · 23/11/2019 22:20

As long as she’s sleeping it’s not that much of an issue. How has arm reattachment taken so long, though?


MissMarpletheMurderer · 23/11/2019 22:20

I'm sorry I did chuckle. Pick your battles, if she wants to sleep on the floor let her crack on.


Etinox · 23/11/2019 22:21

Just tell her!!


Oooeeeooooooahhh · 23/11/2019 22:21

I can't sew for toffee. Sadly grandma is not my mum and she lives 45 minutes away so I can't collect until tomorrow. I had hoped she wouldn't notice seeing as she has 16 others but she tried to claw my face when I tried to put her in the bed

OP posts:

angelikacpickles · 23/11/2019 22:22

YANBU. Why on earth would you cause a row about this? Does your mother think she shouldn’t be allowed to “get away” with refusing to get into bed, or does she think your DD will be somehow harmed by sleeping on the floor?


SpottyDottyNonHotty · 23/11/2019 22:24

She'll get back into bed if she's not comfortable, pick battles I think. If it was a school night I'd probably take a different view though!


Bluewall · 23/11/2019 22:24


Just tell her!!

Grin It's like you have never met a 5 year old 😂


BillywigSting · 23/11/2019 22:24

Let her fall asleep on the floor then scoop her into bed when you go up.

Had a similar situation with ds when he was 5 and this worked a treat for us


runoutofideasnow · 23/11/2019 22:24

If she can sleep on the floor it's not exactly doing her any harm is it.
I once found my 3yo asleep behind the rocking chair in his room. Said he'd been hiding from a shadow and fell asleep 😭
They can be quite particular about certain things can't they.


Slappadabass · 23/11/2019 22:24

Tell granny to crack on!

I wouldn't feel bad about letting her sleep on the floor, chuck a duvet or some blankets down so she is comfy and leave her too it. When my DD was younger she used to love sleeping on my bedroom floor, she was too squished in our bed so made herself a bed out of duvets and cushions on the floor to have a 'sleepover' was her favourite thing to do. I don't think kids get as uncomfortable as adults do.

And pick your battles is my parenting mantra!


Ohyesiam · 23/11/2019 22:24

Why is this a problem? My kids are forever having sleepovers in each other’s rooms, or even sleeping on the landing. I have No idea why but they like it and it keeps them happy.

They are angling for the whole family to sleep on the living room floor in a puppy pile over the Christmas holidays.


Trebla · 23/11/2019 22:25

My boys sleep in cupboards, on the veranda, in the trampoline, one is currently on the floor in my room.and has been for about 3 weeks. They have beds. They like the adventure of wild sleeping. It's fine.


IncrediblySadToo · 23/11/2019 22:27

She tried to claw your face?

I’d be more worried about that, than where she’s sleeping.

I’d put her into her bed when she’s asleep - it’s a bit chilly on the floor at night now - even when the house is warm.

Why doesn’t she know the teddy is at Grandma’s having surgery?


runoutofideasnow · 23/11/2019 22:28

She tried to claw your face?

I think it's just an expression.


BenevolentEzza · 23/11/2019 22:28

My younger kids sleep on the floor on and off just for a change. And they always give up their own beds for sleepover guests. It's no big deal for them or me.


Oooeeeooooooahhh · 23/11/2019 22:30

She knows it's there, she just doesn't get why it couldn't be back in time for bed.

OP posts:

Squidsister · 23/11/2019 22:34

DD does this occasionally. I put a couple of big cushions down. I try not to make a big deal of it. It usually lasts a few nights then she moves back into bed.
In the hot weather all the kids were sleeping on the floor as they decided it was cooler!
Pick your battles I say!


reluctantbrit · 23/11/2019 22:35

DD suddenly decided to sleep on the floor when she was 4, came out of nowhere and lasted around 3-4 months.

We just put the mattress on the slats and left her like that. My mum also couldn;'t understand it but I said as long as we all get decent sleep that's all which counts.

On the long run you have to make sure that the mattress is properly aired.

DD is now 12 and still builds herself a nest on the floor once in a while.


Auberjean · 23/11/2019 22:37

No you're not unreasonable. My kids used to enjoy family "sleepovers " in our bedroom, to include film and popcorn.


Blingismything · 23/11/2019 22:37

Let her get on with it would be my mantra


Gillian1980 · 23/11/2019 22:38

I really wouldn’t worry!

Dd spent months (very literally) choosing to sleep on the floor instead of the bed. We gave up moving her or arguing as she was happy there and slept well.

She eventually decided to go back to her bed!

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