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Post termination infection?

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Notsure26 · 23/11/2019 18:16

I need some advice because i dont want to be worrying for no reason and i dont want to be over dramatic and draw attention to my situation.
2 weeks ago i completed the second part of a medical abortion. Im still have bursts of pain, not agony but definitely noticable, im still bleeding a little and the blood/discharge smells quite unpleasant. Is this normal? Do i need to see someone? And if so, who? No one but my best friend knows, my DD is at her dads until tomorrow and he absolutely cannot find out so i dont want to do anything dramatic and draw attention to the situation

OP posts:

pompomcat · 23/11/2019 18:21

OP it sounds like you might have an infection (it's the foul smell that rings alarm bells, not the bleeding itself as this can go on for a little while). Please seek urgent medical attention.


pompomcat · 23/11/2019 18:23

I'd try 111 in the first instance, but if you start feeling worse (bleeding more heavily, fever or generally feeling unwell) please get yourself to A&E. This assumes you're in the UK of course.


Slappadabass · 23/11/2019 18:23

No that's normal, I had no pain after two weeks and no smelly discharge at all. You should be able to ring, and see someone where you went for the abortion. If not, try your GP


Floopyandtired · 23/11/2019 18:26

I had no pain after the first day and my bleeding had stopped within a week. I’d definitely seek medical attention tonight - don’t wait for it to get worse. Take care x


brummiesue · 23/11/2019 22:44

Sounds like you have an infection, go to an ooh walk in centre tmrw or gp monday am, dont leave it any longer than that, they can turn nasty.


Heartburn888 · 23/11/2019 23:16

What does it smell like? When I had my termination it smelt strongly of iron.

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